Africa’s Retail Sector Set to Score Big as AI Adoption Accelerates – SAP Africa

by Blessed Hwaire, Industry Advisor: Consumer Products, Life Sciences & Retail at SAP Africa A wave of AI-powered innovation is set to sweep across Africa’s retail sector. With a unique landscape marked by diverse consumer needs, a burgeoning youth population, growing levels of technology adoption, and a rapidly changing economic environment, Africa’s retail sector is

Shipping Technology Tackling South Africa’s Tricky Last-Mile Delivery Challenges – Bob Group

Bob Group’s Ship Logic platform is helping the country’s courier companies overcome faulty address details, failed delivery attempts and poor communication with customers South African ecommerce ecosystem Bob Group is playing a leading role in optimising courier services around the country through its Ship Logic platform, a software solution that enables delivery specialists handling high

InstaPay Launches in South Africa: An Innovative Merchant Payment Application

InstaPay, a cutting-edge new merchant application, has been launched to transform the payments landscape in South Africa. This innovative solution offers unique functionality and competitive rates that surpass traditional card providers, setting a new standard in the industry. InstaPay is the result of combined expertise and technology between Omnea and Amber Pay, two industry leaders

Understanding SA’s Evolving Shoppers: A Call to Action for Brands and Retailers – Trade Intelligence

As shopper behaviours evolve, brands and retailers are working hard to catch up, using tools to connect with a new generation of increasingly demanding and informed shoppers. South African shoppers are not what they used to be. They’re tougher, savvier, and more in tune with what they are looking for. A combination of COVID and

Jumia Transforms Customer Experience With Sprinklr’s AI-Powered Platform

Jumia, Africa’s leading e-commerce platform, announces a successful partnership with Sprinklr to elevate customer experience (CX) across its diverse user base. Jumia implemented Sprinklr’s unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform to streamline support for millions of customers, sellers, and employees across 11 African countries. “Sprinklr’s solution is a perfect fit for our diverse customer base

Makro Cornubia Debuts KZN’s First Top Rated by Kids Judging Event

Debuting as the province’s first encounter with Makro and Game’s annual Top Rated by Kids event – parents and caregivers gathered as 250 children between the ages 6 and 12 took turns to judge this year’s newest toys. This is an important event for the retailers, as it serves as their guide to the ultimate

From Sustainability to Personalisation – Mid-Year Retail Trends 2024 – Smollan

Reaching any midpoint, whether it’s to catch one’s breath on a ultra-marathon to gear up for the next stretch, or a project team reflecting on their progress and making necessary modifications – it’s all about positioning for success. So too a mid-year retail check-in offers valuable insights into some of the latest developments shaping how

The SPAR Group Launches ‘R1 Billion in Savings’ Promotion, a First in South African Retail

The rising cost of living is significantly straining South African consumers’ budgets, with food expenses alone exhausting approximately one-third of their income. In response, The SPAR Group has announced its ‘R1 Billion in Savings’ shopper promotion, exclusive to SPAR Rewards customers. Until 22 July, the promotion aims to provide significant financial relief to consumers struggling

Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa Appoints Rakesh Rajbally as Managing Director

Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa (CCBSA) has appointed Rakesh Rajbally as the new Managing Director (MD) and announced further strategic appointments within its Commercial and Manufacturing function aimed at strengthening leadership and driving growth. Rajbally officially took up the position on 1 February, replacing Velaphi Ratshefola who formally retired at the end of January after seven

Payment24 Offers Innovative Fuel Voucher Solutions to Modernise Fleet Management and Loyalty Programmes

Payment24, a leading provider of advanced payment, loyalty, and fuel management solutions, is proud to announce the availability of its fuel voucher offering. This innovative product is set to transform how Payment24 partners incentivise customers, loyalty subscribers, internal teams, and even drivers. With seamless integration across a vast network of over 1,000 service stations, these

AI-Driven Product Testing Powers up Innovation in SA – IPSOS

Artificial Intelligence hasn’t just transformed our world but is also profoundly affecting market research by revolutionising how companies understand and predict consumer behaviour. This was the view of Ipsos Global Head of Product Testing Dr Nikolai Reynolds during a recent visit to South African clients and agencies, where he shared groundbreaking insights on using AI

Liberty Two Degrees’ Retail Assets Continue to Deliver Sustainable Operational Performance

The current economic climate presents slowing growth, characterised by high inflationary pressure, increasing costs of property rates, the lack of delivery of basic utilities such as electricity and water, as well as consumer pressure. Notwithstanding the challenging environment, L2D’s assets continue to stand out. L2D’s retail assets delivered market leading trading performance, recording portfolio trading

Liberty Two Degrees’ Eastgate Shopping Centre Installs the Largest Registered Rooftop Installation in South Africa

Investing in solar power was a strategic decision taken by Liberty Two Degrees (L2D), as it provides a cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly means of generating electricity. L2D’s sustainability strategy includes the reduction of its reliance on the grid, which has improved operating efficiencies. L2D has made significant investments in renewable energy as part of

Retailer’s Guide on How to Shift From Multichannel to Omnichannel Payment Experiences – Ecentric

By Gary Bowers, Product Manager and Shaun Shehab, Senior Sales Engineer at Ecentric Retailers need to keep costs under control and reduce complexity in economic conditions that can best be described as uncertain and challenging. Yet, despite this, they need to give customers (and their employees) the kind of payment experience they demand. Beyond this,

Massmart Early Leak Detection Technology Saves Approximately 15 Million Litres of Water in 2023

As the world celebrates World Environment Day, Massmart has shared its ongoing commitment to saving water in its operations. This is motivated by the fact that South Africa is a water scarce country where it is estimated that 70 million litres of clean drinking water are lost, each day, to leaking infrastructure. The group’s water

Pick N Pay Looks Ahead to Restore Profitability in Its Supermarket Business

Following a disappointing full year performance for FY24, Pick n Pay CEO Sean Summers unveiled the new board-approved six-point strategy to restore the Group’s core Pick n Pay supermarket business to profitability. The Group delivered a weak FY24 result to 25 February 2024, driven by a substantial trading loss in the Pick n Pay business,

bpSA Celebrates 100 Years in South Africa

bp Southern Africa (bpSA) notches up one hundred years of fueling South Africa this month, on 9 May 2024 to be precise, and will use the milestone to refresh and re-energise for the next century and beyond. A programme of centenary events is planned over the coming months to thank employees, partners, dealers and stakeholders

A Fintech First – IKhokha Opens Retail Stores to Enhance Engagement With Merchants

Fintech company, iKhokha, one of the market leaders in the South African SME payments space, are this week opening their eighth retail store, where their point-of-sale devices are sold and where merchants can access support, networking opportunities and other business enhancement tools. Since launching in 2012, iKhokha has developed a deep understanding about the complexities

Digital Transformation Drives Resilience in Africa’s Manufacturing Sector – SYSPRO

By Mark Wilson, CEO, SYSPRO EMEA & APAC There’s no avoiding the reality that we’re in a tough economic cycle laden with global and local uncertainty. Since 2020, the manufacturing sector has undergone a period of unprecedented change. Multiple overlapping – and largely unpredicted – macro-level shocks have combined to create a radically changed world.

Calling All Toy Connoisseurs: Game and Makro Seek 250 Young Experts to Rate Top Toys for 2024

Game and Makro are thrilled to announce the return of the beloved ‘Top Rated by Kids’ event, bringing together young toy enthusiasts to vote for the country’s top toys for 2024. Once again, a group of 250 testers between the age of 6 and 10, will have the exclusive opportunity to rate, test, and play

South African Business Leaders Believe That Ecommerce Is Growing Faster Than They Can Adapt, Accenture Study Finds

A new report from Accenture reveals that 95% of South African leaders (vs 83% globally) think that eCommerce is growing faster than they can adapt, and are finding it costly to be where customers are. This shared feeling of falling behind affirms how difficult it is to keep up with the pace of change. Additionally,

Engen Partners With Grain SA at Nampo to Keep Driving Agriculture Forward

Engen, a leading energy and solutions partner dedicated to enriching lives for a sustainable future, will again proudly partner with Grain SA as a sponsor of the Nampo Harvest Day 2024. Scheduled to run from 14-17 May 2024 in Bothaville in the Free State, Nampo Harvest Day showcases agricultural innovation, aligning perfectly with Engen’s mission

“Waste not, want not ” is the key to buying, storing, using food and saving money” – SPAR

Despite South Africans doing all they can to stretch every rand when they buy food, according to Stats SA, the country is wasting about 10.3 million tonnes of food, valued at billions of rand across the production and consumption process, each year. Ensuring your purchases are well-planned and that food is stored and refrigerated correctly

POS Versus POS: Selecting the Right Solution Is Far More Complex Than Chasing the Cheapest – redPanda Software

By Peter Ludi, Business Development Executive at redPanda Software A point of sale, commonly referred to as POS, is a vital cornerstone of any retail business, regardless of whether it sells products or services. However, a misunderstanding of the definition of POS sees many small and medium-sized retailers fall into the trap of buying a

Always Moving: Engen Launches New B2B Brand Positioning

Engen, a leading energy and solutions partner committed to enriching lives for a sustainable future, has launched its new business-to-business (B2B) brand positioning to solidify the company as the premier energy solutions provider to its commercial fuels and lubricants customers. ‘Always Moving’ embodies Engen’s dedication to helping keep industries in perpetual motion by supplying them

IKhokha Launches Affordable New Smart Card Machine for SMEs

One of the market leaders in the fintech space in South Africa, iKhokha, has announced the launch of a new smart card machine that fits into your pocket, called the iK Flyer Lite. This new offering follows the success of the flagship iK Flyer card machine, launched in 2022, which far surpassed initial sales expectations.

South Africa’s Last-Mile Delivery Game Needs to Be on Point – Bob Group

Africa’s last-mile delivery market is expected to be worth $2.3 billion (R43 Billion) by 2030. If one considers that the continent will be home to some two billion people by 2050, it becomes clear that this sector will grow exponentially and offer many new business opportunities. Meanwhile, South Africa’s total ecommerce market is on track

Retail Infrastructure Transformation Across Africa: An Evolution and Revolution – Vertiv Africa

By Henry Myburgh, strategic key account manager at Vertiv Africa In the dynamic and ever-changing retail landscape, ongoing transformation is a strategic necessity to cater to the primary reality that ‘the customer is king’ – retailers must be adaptive to change in order to meet new customer demands. The intricate interplay of consumer behaviours, driven

Pick N Pay Launches New Money Transfer Service, Now the Most Affordable in the Retail Market

Pick n Pay has set a new standard in affordability and accessibility with the launch of its store-to-store Domestic Money Transfer service. At R8.00 per transaction, it is the cheapest price for customers within retail stores. The informal cash usage in the country remains high, and this service will be interoperable across all Pick n

What Retailers Should Be Taking Note of in the Wake of Shoprite’s Knockout Sales Performance

Shoprite recently announced its remarkable half year sales results proving that its retail strategy is hitting all the right marks. Faheem Hoosen, Partner at BDO South Africa., unpacks these results and shares some insight into the learnings that other retailers can take from this success. Shoprite, a leading South African grocer which owns brands such

More Pick N Pay Smart Shoppers Switching Points for Airtime and Data

Pick n Pay Smart Shopper customers are increasingly spending their points on airtime and data, a popular loyalty reward exclusive for retailer Pick n Pay. Over R1 million worth of points has been switched for airtime and data. Since the Pick n Pay Smart Shopper app relaunch last October, which introduced a seamless points-to-airtime/data conversion

Navigating FICA Compliance for the South African Retail Industry

The South African retail industry operates in a complex and challenging environment. Economic uncertainty, rising costs, and unpredictable consumer demands have created conditions in which retailers must constantly adapt to survive. Loadshedding further disrupts operations and sales, while compliance with regulations like FICA and KYC (Know Your Customer) increases the administrative burdens for retail businesses.

What Will Be Impacting Shoppers and Retailers as 2024 Unfolds? – BDO South Africa Incorporated

The retail sector has faced a gauntlet of challenges: a rise in megatrends that are reshaping the sector, and increasingly innovative and competitive markets over the past four years that have significantly shifted shopper behaviour. In turn, retailer strategies have had to be agile enough to handle the unpredictability and fluctuations. Serena Ho, Director and

Massmart’s Consumer Study Reveals Key Easter Retail Trends

As the Easter break approaches, Massmart unveils exclusive insights into consumer spending habits for the upcoming holiday season. The study, conducted by Vice President of Brand Marketing Katherine Madley, sheds light on how consumers are prioritizing their retail spend, particularly at Makro and Game stores. Groceries and Fresh Products Remain Top Priorities According to the

The Rise of the Cashless Society – Halo Dot

Jonathan Jacobs, Head of Product and Operations at Halo Dot In recent years, there has been a gradual shift towards going cashless. This is something that is impacting every society around the world. However, in developing countries like South Africa, this transition has become a layered one. Influenced by the divide that separates people when

How to Take Advantage of Retail Trends in 2024 – redPanda Software

By Peter Ludi, Business Development Executive at redPanda Software Perhaps the single most effective thing retailers can do in 2024 and beyond is to acknowledge that aspirations and consultative conversations have overtaken reality. If a retailer wishes to take advantage of the latest and greatest trends for this year and next, it would do well

The SPAR Group Is Geared for Further Growth in Southern Africa in 2024 – Adding 2,765 Jobs to the Region in 2023

By Max Oliva, CEO, The SPAR Group Southern Africa South Africa’s economy may be stagnating, but at The SPAR Group Southern Africa, we are pressing forward and making major inroads into creating growth, opportunities, and jobs that are desperately needed. Despite the challenges, which included long bouts of load shedding, tragic wars overseas impacting global

Embracing the Future of Customer Loyalty – LoyaltyPlus

By Mariette Fouche, Head of Product Development and Solution Design at LoyaltyPlus Few people would dispute the importance of customer loyalty for business success. Companies have realised the need to create tailored solutions that meet the unique requirements of individual clients. This can at least partly be attributed to more efficient data analysis resulting from

Tetra Pak South Africa Joins the Proudly South African Family

Tetra Pak South Africa announced that it has officially become a member company of Proudly South African organization at an event that took place at Monte Casino on 30 January. In attendance was 1st Secretary of Trade and Economic Affairs, Swedish Embassy Mr. Martin Jornrud, representatives from various South African Government departments Department of Trade

Carefully Balancing Technology and People Can Elevate Retailers and Benefit SA – redPanda Software

The Human Face of Retail By Peter Ludi, Business Development Executive at redPanda Software There’s widespread acceptance that improving customer experience will go a long way towards attracting and retaining customers, especially at a time when there’s increased competition for valuable consumer spend. Naturally, all eyes turn to technology to remove friction, add convenience, automate,

Frontline Retail Workers Can Make or Break the Customer Experience, and in Turn the Business – BDO South Africa

As businesses across the globe work towards making culture and employee wellbeing an integral part of their organisations, the retail industry should consider this when it comes to their retail employees says Serena Ho, head of consumer market at BDO South Africa Inc. Here they discuss the important role of retail employees in powering the

What Generative AI means for Retail – Accenture

By Sheetal Patel, Retail lead and Junaid Kleinschmidt, Digital Marketing Strategy and Intelligence lead for Accenture, Africa In the span of a year, the landscape of artificial intelligence has undergone a remarkable transformation. Until late 2022, few people outside of cutting-edge artificial intelligence had heard of Large Language Models (LLMs) or Generative AI. Now, it’s

Makro’s Back-to Pulse: Unveiling 2024 Trends and Shopper Sentiments

Makro South Africa has unveiled the findings of its latest survey – which finds South Africans are feeling positive about the new year. “We embarked on this consumer survey to get insights and sentiment on how consumers are feeling about the new year and ascertain their preparedness in terms of their shopping priorities, channels they

Pick N Pay Appoints New Head of Retail, Restructures Exec Team

Group CEO Sean Summers has appointed his senior leadership team as a key step in the drive to return Pick n Pay supermarkets to growth whilst ensuring the Online, Boxer and Clothing growth drivers continue to deliver. Pick n Pay will undergo an immediate structural adjustment to allow it to focus with clarity on customers,

Infobip Unveils AI Hub for Ai-Driven Conversational Customer Experiences

Global cloud communications platform Infobip has launched AI Hub, a comprehensive artificial intelligence (AI) overhaul of its platform to help businesses to create seamless end-to-end conversational experiences across the whole customer journey. Integrating advanced analytics, AI, and generative AI features with Infobip’s core Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) portfolio, AI Hub supports digital transformation. It enables businesses and

African E-commerce Giants Wasoko & Maxab Announce Landmark Merger

Two of Africa’s most prominent e-commerce companies, Wasoko and MaxAB, announced today that they have signed preliminary merger terms to join together as a combined entity to drive the transformation of Africa’s informal retail sector. This merger-of-equals will bolster the growth and development of the e-commerce pioneers to establish the most successful digital retail platform

Abaqulusi Plaza Shopping Centre Extension Complete

AbaQulusi Plaza, formerly Vryheid Plaza, has reopened its doors after an 18-month redevelopment programme. On 22 November 2023, Cllr Khehla Mkhwanazi, the Mayor of the AbaQulusi Local Municipality, officially opened the centre at a ribbon-cutting ceremony. In his speech, Cllr Mkhwanazi commented that the shopping centre was an essential boost to the economy of Vryheid,

Builders Opens Vereeniging’s Ultimate DIY Express Hub

Builders has opened its latest express format store at River Square Mall on 23rd of November 2023 to bring all the latest and innovative DIY, building materials and alternative energy solutions to Vereeniging. The brand-new express store will be a paradise treat for avid home improvement and DIY-enthusiasts’ to swing by for a visit and

Clickatell Launches AI Powered Chat Commerce

​​​Clickatell​, ​​a pioneer in mobile messaging and Chat Commerce innovation, today announced the launch of Clickatell AI, an innovative addition to its Chat Commerce Platform. This conversational AI solution uses artificial intelligence and messaging to create personalized conversations, improving customer engagement and building stronger relationships. Clickatell AI utilizes natural language processing (NLP) to grasp the

Belva Digital Partners With Infobip to Expand Its Product Portfolio Across Africa

Belva Digital, a marketing technology company based in Kenya has expanded and enhanced its product portfolio through its participation in the Infobip Partner Connect Programme, which has enabled it to widen its customer network. Client background Belva Digital is a marketing technology company based in Nairobi, Kenya. It was founded over a decade ago and