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Applying To Be A Contributor

Opinion articles and more

We welcome articles on just about any subject in payments that you think might be of interest to African Reatail readers, including opinion pieces, topical discussions, and latest trends. An ideal article size is between 300 or 600 words.

File formats and submission

Send your articles to the editor by email, ensuring that you write ‘African Reatail Contribution’ in the subject line. Articles should be attached to your email as a plain text file or in Microsoft Word format.

Digital photos should be supplied in JPG (or JPEG) format, and sent by email along with your articles. If your picture files are very big, contact the editor for details on how to submit them by FTP instead. Do not embed your images into Microsoft Word or PowerPoint documents.

Contact Details & Author Listing

Include your name and phone number of the person who can answer an editors additional questions.

We can create a secure log in for authors to update their information relating to their biography, website and social media links.

Click here to send your article.

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