6 Ways Payment Technology Has Revolutionised Opportunities for Companies – Paystack

It doesn’t matter whether a company is a small to medium-sized enterprise or a large corporation, or where it’s based, we are all now operating in a global economy. Irrespective of the size of an enterprise, its location or what its product offering is, with the right payment and transaction mechanisms, it can compete equally

Disruptive Technology Is Driving Progress in Smart Manufacturing – SYSPRO

By Mark Wilson, CEO, SYSPRO EMEA & APAC The manufacturing industry is a tough industry, vulnerable to impacts from the economy, geo-political events such as conflict and pandemics, and other stresses that impact the global and local supply chains and markets. Manufacturers constantly need to seek out a competitive advantage to stay at the forefront

Belva Digital Partners With Infobip to Expand Its Product Portfolio Across Africa

Belva Digital, a marketing technology company based in Kenya has expanded and enhanced its product portfolio through its participation in the Infobip Partner Connect Programme, which has enabled it to widen its customer network. Client background Belva Digital is a marketing technology company based in Nairobi, Kenya. It was founded over a decade ago and

Starlink and Jumia Collaborate to Expand Internet Service in Africa

Jumia, the leading e-commerce platform in Africa, has announced an agreement with Starlink, a satellite internet service, to retail the Starlink Residential Kit in Africa. With this partnership, Jumia aims to bridge the digital divide by delivering Starlink’s high-speed, low-latency internet to previously underserved regions of Africa. The agreement will initially cover Nigeria, with plans

Pick N Pay ASAP! Launches New Fresh Way of Shopping, With Unlimited Free Delivery!

Pick n Pay asap! has relaunched its fast-growing on-demand delivery app, and to celebrate, it is offering unlimited free delivery for its customers in October. More and more customers are enjoying shopping with Pick n Pay asap!, which has delivered exponential growth into 2023. The upgrades will give customers a smoother, faster and ‘fresher’ way

How the Shoprite Group is Redefining Shopping in South Africa

The ‘Retail Store of the Future’ is no longer a distant concept. With the integration of cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), digital advancements and data science, it’s already a reality. To be at the forefront of this evolution, the synergy between business and technology is critical. Technology and business should not

Unified Payments Taps Compass Plus Technologies for its New Payment Gateway Platform to Future-proof its E-commerce Acquiring Business

Unified Payments (UP), Nigeria’s premier financial technology service provider, has successfully launched its e-commerce gateway services built on the new state of the art payment gateway platform from Compass Plus Technologies. The strategic move further strengthens the 18-year partnership between the two technology titans and has enabled UP to become the first institution in the

Rentoza Secures Funding from Vumela Enterprise Development Fund and Edge Growth

Started by 4 friends with the goal of enabling more South Africans to access premium products and technology, Rentoza has become the country’s first pure play subscription model for digital goods and appliances. Their bold mission to democratize and dematerialize ownership of technology devices and appliances has enabled them to secure R 18m in finance

Energise Africa’s Food and Beverage’s Future: Sustainable Solutions for Growth and Resilience – Schneider Electric

By Clive Roberts, Segment Lead: CPG – Anglophone Africa at Schneider Electric Africa is home to one of the world’s fastest growing populations, reaching a projected 2.5 billion people 2050. It is also this demographic advantage translates into a vast consumer base that is youthful, aspirational, and urban-centric. As a result, the demand for diverse

Leadership Moves at the Argility Technology Group

The Argility Technology Group (ATG) – this year celebrating forty-five years of operations and latterly owned by Smollan, has a new CEO. Tanya Long takes over the role from Marko Salic who now moves to the position of Chief Data Officer (CDO) for the Smollan Data & Technology cluster and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for

Trend Piece: ECommerce – Awakening the B2B Experience – Schneider Electric

Most of us have engaged in eCommerce one way or another and are likely to frequent our tried and tested online providers for years to come. We can navigate B2C eCommerce comfortably and enjoy the ease of finding great products, seamless services, and fast delivery. In fact, the eCommerce user experience (UX) continues to get

AI Transforms CX and Service Delivery

Helping companies deliver excellent customer service has been at the heart of 1Stream since the business was launched 15 years ago. While much has changed over the last decade and a half, the essence of what makes 1Stream Southern Africa’s leading CRM and cloud-based contact centre provider remains the same: a commitment to delivering leading-edge,

PAYM8 Expands E-Commerce Offering, Empowering Merchants with Seamless Payment Solutions Amid Surging Demand

Leading tech and financial gateway service provider PAYM8, announced the expansion of its e-commerce offering. This comes in response to the South African e-commerce market’s projected growth of 11.89% in the next five years, reaching a market volume of US$9.97 billion, roughly R75 billion, by 2027. As consumers increasingly value the convenience, time savings, and

Unleashing the Retail Revolution Through the Power of Data – redPanda Software

By Gerhard Nortjé, MD of redPanda Software Data has emerged as a vital asset for businesses looking to gain a competitive edge. The ability to leverage customer and operational data has become crucial in shaping the customer experience and driving sales. Data has the potential to revolutionise retail if used effectively. Personalisation It all begins

Technology Enables Inspection and Detection for Food & Beverage Manufacturers – SYSPRO Africa

By Johan du Toit, Strategic Sales Executive for SYSPRO Africa Simply put, consumers must be able to trust the food they buy. Quality control issues can easily and quickly lead to consumer dissatisfaction and negative sentiment towards a brand or product line. They may also lead to a costly product recall, or in the worst-case

Women in the Lead in E-commerce – Mr D

As e-commerce grows globally with online shopper numbers expected to continue to increase by 18 percent annually in Africa, a report by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) projects that such growth could be higher if we invest in the women entrepreneurs on e-commerce platforms. The industry presents South Africa with a clear opportunity for women

AI Has Simplified and Smartened Contact Centres – 1Stream

You’ll be hard pressed surfing news sites without reading about the age of AI and the rise of the bots. While the impact of AI on our lives is debated, the jury is in on AI in contact centres and the verdict is unanimous. AI is transforming contact centres in profoundly positive ways. Here are

DFCU Bank, Mastercard, and Rabo Partnerships Join Forces to Digitize Agricultural Ecosystem in Uganda

(L-R): Daniel Huba, Vice President of Sub-Saharan Africa Market Development for Community Pass at Mastercard; Charles Mudiwa, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of dfcu Bank; and David Gerbrands, Global Head of Agri and Banking Advisory Services and Inclusive Business Ventures at Rabo Partnerships, signing the partnership agreement in Uganda. Through the Farm Pass platform,

DRUID Forms Strategic Alliance with MoData: Pioneering AI-Powered Customer Engagement and Fintech Solutions

DRUID, an AI-driven conversational leader, has announced its strategic partnership with MoData (Pty) Ltd, an emerging forerunner in AI-powered customer engagement, fintech and data-driven financial applications. This collaboration is poised to blend DRUID’s advanced conversational AI capabilities with MoData’s transformative financial business operational insights, equipping businesses with powerful tools to maximise digital adoption strategies while

Talented Technology Students and Experts Wanted at Africa’s Largest Retailer

The Shoprite Group invites technology students and seasoned Information Technology (IT) professionals to join Africa’s largest retailer by applying for its bursary programme or various available job opportunities. The retailer’s comprehensive bursary programme covers tuition fees and on-campus accommodation, provides a grocery allowance, and guarantees employment upon graduation. Youth studying scarce and sought after skills

How ERP Empowers the Future Focused Retailer – Times 3 Technologies

The world of retail has changed. With more and more customers now shopping online, retailers have had to come up with creative ways to bring the physical and virtual worlds together to create seamless, memorable experiences. But with this comes a great deal of complexity. Having a robust tech foundation is no longer a nice

High Investment in Self-Checkout, as Demand Grows Beyond grocery

More than a quarter of global self-checkout shipments went to non-grocery stores as the technology penetrates new segments Wider range of retailers adopting self-checkout 2022 was the second highest year for self-checkout shipments globally, according to Global EPOS and Self-Checkout 2023, the latest report from strategic research and consulting firm RBR. More than 193,000 units

SA Retail Workers Call For More Technology: Microsoft-IDC Study

Research reveals frontline workforce underserved by IT tools, and which cites communication and access to information as key areas for digital transformation Most South African retail workers are feeling overworked but the vast majority believe technology is the answer to their situation, a Microsoft-sponsored IDC study has revealed. “We often refer to them as ‘the

New Leaf Technologies’ Recommendations on How to Turn Challenges Into Opportunities

There are very few instances nowadays where employees will spend their entire careers at the same company. The job landscape has changed so dramatically – particularly since the pandemic and the ability to work from home – that if a business fails to meet worker expectations staff simply look elsewhere and quit. Scroll through any

Revolutionising the In-Store Retail Experience With Technology that Serves – redPanda Software

By Peter Ludi, MD Solutions at redPanda Software Technology has been integrated into virtually every aspect of people’s lives. For some retailers, it has become the focus instead of just being seen as an enabler to creating a more integrated customer experience. The growth of e-commerce has seen people have ever higher expectations of their

Advanced Food Processing Technologies Could Make the Food Industry More Sustainable – SYSPRO

By Marius Wessels Manager: Professional Services for SYSPRO Africa Food goes to waste at every stage in the food manufacturing and distribution process – from farming and production to packaging, storage, distribution, retail and finally, once it reaches consumers. According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), globally we lose or

Explosive Growth in Mobile Self-scanning, Reaching New Countries and Retailers

The number of stores allowing customers to scan items as they shop grew by nearly a quarter globally last year, and is expected to triple by 2028. 57,000 stores offering mobile self-scanning Retailers are increasingly investing in mobile self-scanning technology, with an additional 11,500 stores offering the service in 2022. According to Mobile Self-Scanning and

Channel Overload is Hurting Full-Funnel Marketing Effectiveness and ROI Confidence

Pick a channel, any channel. With so many to choose from, marketers have their hands full as they weigh the options, allocate their budgets, and then validate their decisions. And as varied as the measurement landscape is today, the challenges will only increase as new channels come to market—unless marketers shift to think more holistically about

Arla Foods Inaugurates State-of-the-Art Dairy Farm in Kaduna, Nigeria

Arla Foods, maker of Dano Milk, has inaugurated its state-of-the-art dairy farm in Kaduna as part of the company’s efforts to ensure sustainable milk production in Nigeria. The farm located in Damau village, Kubau Local Government Area, Kaduna State, was inaugurated on Thursday, May 25, 2023, by the Executive Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir

Boost Sales, Drive Revenue With 1Stream CRM

1Stream CRM is a smart and easy-to-use solution that will help your sales team achieve their targets by providing them with all the tools they need to help your business grow. Designed for medium to large organisations, 1Stream CRM is successfully utilised by some of South Africa’s leading corporates, backed by 1Stream’s expertise and support.

Absa Acquires Minority Stake in Agritech Start-up, Khula!

In line with its strategic intent to be a digitally powered business that is committed to transformation, Absa Bank has acquired a minority stake in the agritech start-up, Khula! App Pty Ltd. Through its award-winning app, Khula! has built an ecosystem of three platforms that addresses challenges across the agricultural value chain. This includes a

Time for Retail 2.0: How Android Can Help Take Retail to the Next Level

Francisco Gil, Managing Director Ingenico Iberia & Africa Markets, explores the added value that Android technology brings to the retail sector. He sets out through various examples how Android can not only help to improve the customer experience, but also generate additional revenues in sales. The covid pandemic was a challenging time for the traditional

ACI Worldwide and MagicCube Partner to Deliver Tap to Pay Acceptance for Mid- to Large Retailers

ACI Worldwide, a global leader in mission-critical, real-time payments, has teamed up with MagicCube, the creator of i-Accept™, to deliver secure and seamless contactless payments on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) smartphones and tablets using Tap to Pay—with or without PIN. The solution will provide mid-size and large retailers operating in complex environments with device-agnostic control and visibility of

PayFast: Unifying Channels is Critical if Retailers Want to Tap into Growth Opportunities

As online retail growth pushes into the double digit territory, companies that are holding onto a purely face-to-face business model will lose out. Companies under pressure to deliver the revenue growth their investors are looking for shouldn’t just be focusing on adding an ecommerce play, but should rather be looking at the opportunities presented by

Pick n Pay Sparks Retail Revolution with Powerful SAP Deployment

In today’s highly competitive retail environment, access to accurate real-time transaction and inventory data is critical to meeting customer demands. For one of South Africa’s leading retailers, a fast-tracked digital transformation of its transaction and reconciliation processes built on SAP S/4HANA has unlocked immense benefits and efficiency across the business. “We have seen a huge

SAPICS: Supply Chain Optimisation Offers Big Benefits For Retailers

The prevailing business environment is more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) than ever before, and today’s consumers are more demanding and unpredictable. To keep customers satisfied and to ensure that the right goods are available where and when they are needed, regardless of the latest local or global disruption, supply chain management has become

Clickatell Announces World’s First Chat Commerce Platform as a Service (CCPaaS)

Brands utilizing CCPaaS can provide rich commerce experiences for consumers in any mobile messaging channel Clickatell (https://apo-opa.info/3UKhn92), a pioneer in mobile messaging and Chat Commerce innovation, today announced the launch of the world’s first Chat Commerce Platform as a Service (CCPaaS) (https://apo-opa.info/3L9mmNk) that empowers brands to capitalize on the opportunity of chat commerce, the emerging next wave of

GfK: Tomorrow’s Leading Brands are Busy Writing the Omnichannel Rulebook

By Zak Haeri, Managing Director – South Africa, GfK South African brands have spoken about omnichannel customer experiences and engagements for years. Yet despite the massive growth of digital sales and marketing channels during the pandemic, true omnichannel strategies remain far and few between. Many retailers and consumer brands are still struggling to catch up

1Stream Ticks All the CRM Boxes With its All-in-One Solution

When it comes to CRMs, not all platforms are created equal. At 1Stream, we have an all-in-one solution that enables your team to grow revenue, improve service and boost sales while empowering your team members and helping them to connect more effectively with each other and with your customers. And it is this connectivity that

The Golden Rules to Scale Sustainable Packaging

Driven by digital technologies and changing consumer habits, delivery platforms across online food, grocery, and etail are growing steadily. From a new dress or a secondhand bike to a Margherita pizza or bottle of shampoo, the packaging is a critical element of the success of any delivery. With the sector’s growth, the need for more

RCS: The Impact of Blockchain Technology on the Retail Sector and its Role as the ‘Fuel for Africa’s Innovation Economy’

During its formative years, blockchain technology became synonymous with the advent of cryptocurrency. Today, its use cases have transcended the world of finance, expanding into sectors such as retail. In Africa, its application in payment technology has demonstrated blockchain’s ability to revolutionise several touchpoints from supply chain to final sale. These developments herald good news

5 Insights From 5 Major Players in Retail and E-Commerce for 2023

e-Commerce is one of the fastest evolving industries in the world. The growth has been unprecedented, and in Africa the appetite for online business and retailing is higher than ever.  In 2021, retail e-commerce sales amounted to approximately 5.2 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide. This figure is forecast to grow by 56% over the next few

How Telephony Integration Improves CRM Performance

From improved team efficiency to greater sales success, an integrated telephony system can help boost your company’s success. However, choosing the right partner to oversee the integration process is essential to avoid frustrations and to ensure that productivity is not negatively impacted. “Successful integration requires a unique skill set as well as technical expertise that

RFG Accelerates Renewable Energy Programme

RFG is accelerating its renewable energy infrastructure programme in response to load shedding, with solar installations planned for a further seven manufacturing facilities over the next two years. Solar energy has already been installed at the group’s fruit juice plant in Wellington and vegetable products factory in Limpopo. The first of the seven new installations

Clean Drinking Water for 18 000 People Through Shoprite’s Support of PlayPumps

The Shoprite Group is increasing the availability of clean drinking water in rural communities by expanding its support of PlayPumps to 50 sites across South Africa benefitting more than 18 000 people. PlayPumps are “merry-go-rounds” that pump water from boreholes into reservoirs as children play on them, providing a reliable source of clean drinking water

Future Dairy Products Will Be Sustainable and Focused on the Consumer

By Sasha Ramjathan, Leader of the CPG Segment for Southern Africa at Schneider Electric The consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry stands to benefit greatly from digital innovation advancements. According to a paper entitled the next frontier in consumer goods: digitally enabled innovation by the strategy firm McKinsey & Company, digitisation can bring new products to market

6 Vital Ways CRM is Fuelling Growth and Boosting Sales for South African Businesses

A growing number of successful companies and organisations across South Africa are investing in innovative Customer Relations Management (CRM) platforms to help grow their business, boost sales and deliver excellent customer service. “CRM technology is one of the most effective solutions to help companies who are serious about growing their business and giving their employees

Uber Selects Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle and Uber Technologies, Inc., has announced a seven-year strategic cloud partnership to accelerate Uber’s innovation, help deliver new products to market, and drive increased profitability. As Uber continues to grow and enter new markets, it is increasingly important for the business to focus resources on its core strengths and strategic initiatives. By migrating some

CR2 Partners with M2P Fintech to Secure E-commerce Transactions with ACS

3D Secure is now available as part of CR2’s platform to prevent fraudulent transactions while delivering a positive customer experience CR2, a world leader in the digital banking and payments platform industry has partnered with M2P Fintech, a global leader in embedded financial infrastructure. This partnership provides banks with an innovative solution to secure e-commerce

Last Mile-Delivery Tech Predictions for 2023

Online demand for products is growing rapidly, but amid supply chain disruptions there is a greater need to deliver items to customers effectively. Technology, however, is finding a way Transport and logistics are soaring in Africa, with further rapid growth predicted for years to come. That’s the word from the World Economic Forum and African