Shipping Technology Tackling South Africa’s Tricky Last-Mile Delivery Challenges – Bob Group

Bob Group’s Ship Logic platform is helping the country’s courier companies overcome faulty address details, failed delivery attempts and poor communication with customers South African ecommerce ecosystem Bob Group is playing a leading role in optimising courier services around the country through its Ship Logic platform, a software solution that enables delivery specialists handling high

Growing E-commerce Market: Good for Consumers; But Will Proudly South African Brands Rise? – BCG

By Thomas Kingombe, Managing Director and Partner and Vishakha Chopra, Project Leader, BCG Johannesburg As global e-commerce giants like Amazon, Shein and Temu set their sights on South Africa’s growing e-commerce space, local retailers may find themselves feeling the pinch. Will South African stalwarts rise to the challenge, or crumble faced with international competition? Although

Jumia Transforms Customer Experience With Sprinklr’s AI-Powered Platform

Jumia, Africa’s leading e-commerce platform, announces a successful partnership with Sprinklr to elevate customer experience (CX) across its diverse user base. Jumia implemented Sprinklr’s unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform to streamline support for millions of customers, sellers, and employees across 11 African countries. “Sprinklr’s solution is a perfect fit for our diverse customer base

Informal Sector Has a Crucial Role in the Global Economy, Accounting for One Third of Local Jobs – SAITEX 2024

The informal sector has a crucial role in the global economy, and it needs to be connected to government and businesses properly so that opportunities to collaborate, learn and grow are created. This was the key message discussed during the e-Kasi talks theme on the first day of SAITEX 2024. Driven by micro enterprises across

How Pioneering Homegrown Platforms Are Still the Go-to Option for a Broad Cross-Section of South African Society – Amazon

With Amazon’s South African operations now up and running, the question on everybody’s lips is what the impact will be on homegrown online shopping platforms. The ecommerce giant has market capitalisation of more than a trillion US dollars, and there are fears it will crush local competitors. What some may not realise, however, is that

Retailer’s Guide on How to Shift From Multichannel to Omnichannel Payment Experiences – Ecentric

By Gary Bowers, Product Manager and Shaun Shehab, Senior Sales Engineer at Ecentric Retailers need to keep costs under control and reduce complexity in economic conditions that can best be described as uncertain and challenging. Yet, despite this, they need to give customers (and their employees) the kind of payment experience they demand. Beyond this,

South African Business Leaders Believe That Ecommerce Is Growing Faster Than They Can Adapt, Accenture Study Finds

A new report from Accenture reveals that 95% of South African leaders (vs 83% globally) think that eCommerce is growing faster than they can adapt, and are finding it costly to be where customers are. This shared feeling of falling behind affirms how difficult it is to keep up with the pace of change. Additionally,

Innovate—or Lose Your Seat at the Top Table, Retailers Warned – BCG and World Retail Congres

Over the course of the past three decades, the composition of the top global retailers has seen significant churn, with few managing to maintain a lead position. Established players have been usurped by creative newcomers that have prioritised innovation, staying ahead of the curve in terms of technological advancements and changing consumer preferences. A new

Tech Trends Transforming Retail Finance in the Digital Era – Mobicred

By Jason Sive, CEO, Mobicred (and Strategic Partnerships Executive at RCS) Greater levels of digital adoption and the increasing sophistication of technological tools have ushered in a new era for shoppers – one characterised by choice and convenience. Empowered by evolving demands, retail finance leaders have the exciting task of shaping the future of the

South Africa’s Last-Mile Delivery Game Needs to Be on Point – Bob Group

Africa’s last-mile delivery market is expected to be worth $2.3 billion (R43 Billion) by 2030. If one considers that the continent will be home to some two billion people by 2050, it becomes clear that this sector will grow exponentially and offer many new business opportunities. Meanwhile, South Africa’s total ecommerce market is on track

Yoco and Shopstar Join Forces to Empower Small Businesses With Cutting-Edge Ecommerce Solutions

Yoco, Africa’s leading fintech company empowering small businesses, announces a strategic partnership with Shopstar, a prominent ecommerce platform, to revolutionise the digital retail landscape for small businesses across the country and deliver omnichannel solutions that puts control and visibility into the hands of business owners. The collaboration between Yoco and Shopstar marks a significant milestone

Massmart’s Five Top Tips to Grow Your SME Business Online

The growth of eCommerce Marketplaces in recent years has given Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) entrepreneurs greater, more cost-effective market access. By making their products available for sale on major retailers’ platforms, these SME entrepreneurs are better able to market their products to consumers who are highly motivated to take advantage of the greater variety

African E-commerce Giants Wasoko & Maxab Announce Landmark Merger

Two of Africa’s most prominent e-commerce companies, Wasoko and MaxAB, announced today that they have signed preliminary merger terms to join together as a combined entity to drive the transformation of Africa’s informal retail sector. This merger-of-equals will bolster the growth and development of the e-commerce pioneers to establish the most successful digital retail platform

Massmart Announces New Head of eCommerce

Massmart has and continues to invest significantly in eCommerce as a strategic growth vector. This initiative has been supported by Walmart, including through the services of approximately 300 full-time Massmart technologists based in Walmart’s Tech Development Centre in Bangalore and the three-year secondment to Massmart of Sylvester John from Walmart US, where he was responsible

Pick N Pay Smart Shopper Innovates With New Digital Platform

Pick n Pay, a trailblazer in the loyalty space, celebrates its pioneering spirit as it embarks on a digital transformation journey with the launch of the Pick n Pay Smart Shopper app. This marks the start of a new era of customer engagement and convenience for Smart Shopper as it aims to become South Africa’s

Ecommerce: Awakening the B2B Experience – Schneider Electric

Most of us have engaged in eCommerce one way or another and are likely to frequent our tried and tested online providers for years to come. We can navigate B2C eCommerce comfortably and enjoy the ease of finding great products, seamless services, and fast delivery. In fact, the eCommerce user experience (UX) continues to get