Scan to Pay with Huawei Pay Powered by Zapper From 3 December

Huawei has integrated Zapper into its Huawei Pay offering allowing millions of South African mobile phone owners to scan and pay using QR codes. The new partnership forms part of Zapper’s ongoing initiative to partner with the greater payment ecosystem.

Huawei is South Africa’s second largest mobile phone vendor with a 29.1% market share as of October 2020.

“We are delighted to partner with Huawei. It is clear that Huawei is a favourite amongst a large portion of smartphone owners in South Africa and equipping them with access to Zapper’s scan-to-pay platform will empower them to make fast, safe payments across the country,” comments Brett White, CEO of Zapper.

Zapper will be part of the Huawei Pay wallet which will soon be supported by all Huawei models. What’s more, it will come preinstalled in the Y6p model with other models soon to follow.

White says a welcome knock-on benefit of the partnership is the expected increase in merchant adoption.

“We are in the business of facilitating transactions and by putting the Zapper solution in the hands of millions of South African consumers, many more merchants can now also confidently offer cashless transactions,” he explains.

When it comes to user experience, regular Zapper users can expect exactly the same experience as they know and trust. While the Zapper product is baked into the operating system of Huawei phones, users will be registered on the Zapper system. Cards are still securely stored in token form on the Zapper system and payments are processed over the Zapper system, as normal.

Zapper’s recently launched platform allows third parties to integrate the ability to scan and pay using QR codes from within their own branded app. This includes banking apps, telco apps, retail apps etc. and White says their platform model is all about broadening the QR network.

“This has been a really positive experience and we are excited at the prospect of working with Huawei going forward. It has also been a clear indicator that the work on building out our platform has been well worthwhile and ideally places us for more partnerships of this nature in the coming months,” says White.

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