Nanopay Introduces Self-Service MintChip Retail Payment Platform For Canadian Merchants

nanopay Corporation, a secure, real-time payments platform provider, unveils Canada-wide availability of its new self-service MintChip Retail Payment Platform. The nanopay platform enables merchants to accept digital cash (in Canadian Dollars), which delivers all the benefits of traditional cash at a fraction of the cost of existing payment options, without charge-backs or fear of counterfeit bills. The nanopay platform is also available immediately to partners globally looking to create white-labeled retail closed loop payment systems. The system can be tied to the fiat (central bank) currency of any country or linked to a new or existing loyalty currency.

The Canadian MintChip retail payment ecosystem includes the MintChip Merchant app and the MintChip mobile app for consumers, both available to download from the App Store and Google Play. Merchants can also use Ingenico payment terminals available from Global Payments or as a standalone installation. A Retail Portal is available to enable merchants to provision payment terminals, view transaction reports and manage cash deposits to their bank accounts. In addition to the retail payment ecosystem, nanopay is offering a suite of services for cross-border payments to enable instant, multi-currency transfer of funds, and a B2B payment network to enable businesses to send payment requests and pay partners with complete transparency and context. For capital markets, nanopay technology leverages digital cash to accelerate clearing and settlement to reduce costs and free trapped capital.

“Since acquiring MintChip from the Royal Canadian Mint, we have focused on enhancing the security, performance and scalability of our core nanopay platform,” said Laurence Cooke, CEO and Founder of nanopay. “While today marks a milestone for the MintChip ecosystem in Canada, we are excited that partners can create custom retail payment systems that bring frictionless payments through digital cash to countries around the world.”

By creating a digital representation of the Canadian dollar that you carry today, MintChip makes it easy to pay and get paid. Whether a P2P payment to friends and family or a retail payment in-store or online, MintChip is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to securely send money or make purchases.

“If you are looking to quickly set up a more efficient and flexible payment system, then we highly recommend MintChip,” says Todd Coffell, Owner of Liberty Village Home Hardware. “Setup is straightforward and completed in no time.”

To find out more information and sign up to accept MintChip payments, Canadian merchants can visit Search for “MintChip” in the App Store and Google Play to download the consumer and merchant apps.


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