It’s Cheaper to get it Delivered with Sixty60

According to a new calculation confirmed by the Automobile Association of South Africa (AA), it’s cheaper for many South Africans to get groceries delivered via Sixty60 than to drive to stores themselves.

With another petrol price increase expected on Wednesday 6 April, Checkers has calculated that the average Sixty60 customer saves 33% on fuel and vehicle running costs by shopping via the app and paying the R35 delivery fee.

In calculating this 33% saving, Checkers considered that South Africa’s top-selling passenger vehicle costs R7.01 per kilometre to run. The average return journey for a Sixty60 delivery is 7.5km. If a customer made this trip, it would cost them R52.57. Compared to Sixty60’s R35 delivery fee, this realises a saving of R17.57 per trip.

This calculation has been confirmed by the AA, a non-profit organisation that tackles motoring issues of national and macro-economic importance on motorists’ behalf.

“With petrol prices reaching their highest levels yet, we are relentless in our efforts to keep prices low. With the exact same low prices and deals you find in-store, Sixty60 not only offers unparalleled convenience, it is now also cheaper for many South Africans to have their groceries delivered instead of driving to store.” – Neil Schreuder, Chief of Strategy and Innovation for the Shoprite Group

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