Women in the Lead in E-commerce – Mr D

As e-commerce grows globally with online shopper numbers expected to continue to increase by 18 percent annually in Africa, a report by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) projects that such growth could be higher if we invest in the women entrepreneurs on e-commerce platforms. The industry presents South Africa with a clear opportunity for women to be empowered as leaders.

Two executive appointments at leading on-demand delivery brand Mr D are at the forefront of this commitment to women leadership.

Known for her brand building skill in e-commerce and purpose-driven approach, Su-Lise Tessendorf-Louw was recently appointed as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Mr D. Lee-Anne Trower, who has driven consumer-based growth at takealot.com, first as Head of Promotions and later Division Head of FMGC was promoted to a dynamic new leadership role as Head of On-Demand Grocery.

Trower has served in the e-commerce platform for the past six years. As Head of Promotions, she played a key role in establishing and commercialising this channel before taking on the leading position in the Consumables division where she delivered exponential growth across the non perishables, beauty, liquor, pets, baby and health categories, highlighting her ability to harness the power of e-commerce and transform online shopping into an immersive experience.

“There’s always a next level in e-commerce, from product and platform to career development. That’s what makes it so dynamic,” said Trower. I’m thrilled to be part of the team establishing on-demand grocery delivery at Mr D. As a busy career mom, I understand and appreciate the need for convenient access to such a service, and I believe my passion for leveraging technology and fostering partnerships will prove instrumental as we enhance the availability and accessibility of grocery delivery solutions across South Africa.”

Trower’s combination of financial and FMCG expertise, coupled with her passion for e-commerce, uniquely positions her to drive Mr D’s commitment to delivering effortless convenience to customers’ doorsteps. As Head of On-Demand Grocery, she is responsible for its growth, efficiency and adoption through the Pick n Pay partnership, which is aimed at expanding the reach of grocery delivery services across the country.

“With on-demand delivery, Mr D will not only provide everyday products but, with our technology layers, make the experience easier and faster. The potential for growth in this space is immense, and I’m excited to be a part of that journey,” adds Trower.

As Chief Marketing Officer, Tessendorf-Louw will create brand building opportunities and solve marketing challenges head-on. Passionate about her purpose-led marketing approach, she brings a wealth of experience to the e-commerce environment across multiple industries and has achieved award-winning success in her previous brand and marketing roles with South African brands such as Nando’s.

“I very much look forward to opening new doors through the Mr D brand, as we challenge and replace traditional marketing principles with a more innovative approach driven by technology and on-demand e-commerce,” she said. In her role as CMO, she will leverage her understanding of traditional marketing principles and fuse them with technology in the on-demand e-commerce space.

From their respective e-commerce enabling roles, the two women are set to make an impact that inspires women well into the future as they open bold new doors through the industry.

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