Wirecard Turkey Enables Payment For Nationwide E-commerce Platform Startsub

Wirecard Turkey, a subsidiary of the German based Wirecard AG which is a leading company for payment and internet technology, is now collaborating with Startsup, the operator of Aydanaya.com and the first company in Turkey to offer subscription-based e-commerce services and goods under a single roof. While making regular purchases that appeal to their taste and needs, users are now able to benefit from streamlined e-payment services through Wirecard Turkey’s robust and secure payment infrastructure.

As the only company in Turkey to accept both credit card and direct carrier billing payments, Wirecard allows sellers to collect and manage payments while enabling end-users to safely shop and create subscriptions via credit card. As part of this business model, Wirecard also serves as a hub providing payment infrastructure to all businesses registered under Startsub.

Startsub has accomplished a promising business model with its Aydanaya.com platform in subscription-based online commerce. By offering a variety of authentic products and categories on the same platform, Aydanaya.com makes a difference by securing its payment infrastructure with Wirecard Turkey. Lately, the subscription-based business model has attracted attention in e-commerce, which is becoming more and more popular. Due to its popularity and success around the world, subscription-based e-commerce platforms are also becoming more prominent in Turkey.

“We are delighted to work with Startsub to make their new e-commerce platform Aydanaya.com even more attractive to their users,” said Alper Akcan, Managing Director of Wirecard Turkey. “Turkey’s B2C e-commerce market is the second largest in Eastern Europe, and is also among the fastest growing. It is known that 90 percent of online payments are made by credit cards, that’s why we are looking forward to expand our collaboration with Startsub in the future.”

Deniz Kuran, Founder of Startsub, adds, “For our e-commerce platforms it is very important to collaborate with professional payment companies to guarantee a smooth customer journey. Thanks to Wirecard, we have found a reliable partner with whom we want to develop our business models further.”

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