Wirecard Checkout Portal Expanded To Include Shipping Tool SendCloud

Comprehensive shipping services for retailers including a multi-carrier solution

SendCloud, a tool for the optimisation of shipping processes, is a new cooperative partner of the Wirecard Checkout Portal. The shipping tool reflects the trend which has seen many consumers demand increased flexibility and customisation in the field of online shopping. This also applies to shipping deliveries. Online retailers can now meet this requirement on account of the Checkout Portal being expanded by the SendCloud shipping tool. It really is this simple: during the set-up of payment options in the Wirecard Checkout Portal, shop operators also select the SendCloud premium service. They can then use the shipping tool free of charge.

The current trend reveals that criteria such as simple returns procedures and tracking are becoming ever more important for online shoppers. The shipping tool SendCloud is an optimal solution for online shops in order to successfully master the challenges presented by selecting a suitable courier service and organising the shipping process. With SendCloud, online retailers can use several courier services at the same time, create personalised shipping labels and tracking emails, in addition to benefiting from a customised returns portal. This all allows merchants to significantly increase both, customer satisfaction and their conversion rates. SendCloud is therefore set to become a comprehensive addition to the Wirecard Checkout Portal.

Rob van den Heuvel, CEO of SendCloud, comments: “We are delighted to be an official partner of the Wirecard Checkout Portal. More than 10,000 online retailers already use our tool, allowing them to ship order three times as efficiently. This is just the beginning.”

Christian Reindl, Executive Vice President Sales Consumer Goods at Wirecard, adds: “In future, the Checkout Portal will be more than just a payment portal. Our objective is to offer merchants who sign up to the Checkout Portal a whole host of services in addition to payments. Further partnerships in the fields of insurance, email services and rating portals are already in the pipeline.”

The Wirecard Checkout Portal offers SMEs and start-ups alike a plug-in tool to guarantee both, online card payments and payment options suitable for individual requirements. The plug-in process is fast, uncomplicated and can be completed directly online with minimal administrative effort. The Checkout Portal allows e-commerce merchants to offer any desired payment methods in addition to now integrating SendCloud as well.

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