What Are The Ecommerce Payment Options For My Online Store?

If you have gone to the effort of setting up and online store, you don’t want to undo all of your hard work by making the payment process so complicated that you scare away customers. Instead, you want to offer your customers as many easy ways to pay as possible through various ecommerce payment methods.

So, with various ecommerce payment systems out there, how do you decide which are best for you? A good place to start is by looking at the most common ecommerce payment options available.

Popular Ecommerce Payment Methods

1. Credit Card Payments
Credit cards were one of the first ways to buy goods online, and this tradition has stayed strong. As such, credit cards are still very popular when it comes to online payments. Through this method, your customers simply enter their credit card details during checkout and the transaction goes through.

2.Mobile Payments
Mobile payments are becoming increasingly popular due to their simplicity and their mobility. Customers using the best mobile ecommerce payment systems can shop from anywhere and pay via SMS, QR code, email, or push payments.

3. Instant EFTs
An alternative to paying via credit card is to do an instant bank transfer. Customers using this method will be prompted to securely enter their banking details during checkout. These will then be verified by the bank before the transaction is successful.

4. Ewallets
Ewallets allow users to enter their banking details online and store them there. Then, whenever they wish to purchase goods, they can do so without re-entering their account details. The problem with ewallets, however, is that the information stored online can be vulnerable to hackers.

Choose a Trustworthy Ecommerce Payment Gateway

If you want to offer your customers numerous way to pay (and on numerous devices) without running the risk of security breaches, you need a versatile ecommerce payment gateway.

i-Pay lets you offer quick and easy payments to your customers using laptops or mobile devices, and allows them to pay via Email, SMS, QR code, or push payments.

Of course, they can pay by credit card, but i-Pay accesses your customers’ accounts so they don’t need the physical card. That being said, our system doesn’t store your customers’ credentials like an ewallet does.

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