SPAR International Rolls Out Integrated Grocery E-commerce Platform Worldwide

World’s largest food retail voluntary chain partners with Naveo Commerce to serve customers with new improved online grocery services 

SPAR International, as part of its worldwide digital transformation strategy, is pleased to offer a fully customisable e-commerce solution to SPAR country organisations and retailers. The world’s largest food retail voluntary chain is partnering with Naveo Commerce, a unique end-to-end e-commerce and fulfilment technology provider, to drive the optimisation of SPAR’s grocery e-commerce offering.

SPAR International’s e-commerce platform will be powered by Naveo and made available for SPAR country organisations across the globe to help enable an optimised e-commerce experience for customers. The platform optimises in-store picking and order fulfilment, thereby ensuring rapid delivery to SPAR’s customers in the close catchment communities the extensive SPAR store network serves. The SPAR e-commerce solution provided by Naveo offers a best-in-class customer experience and technology solution, allowing localisation to market specifications and is fully customisable to provide an enhanced shopping experience utilising the platform’s speed and agility.

The modular approach of Naveo’s platform is built to integrate complex systems and will allow SPAR national, regional, and individual stores to pick, choose and adapt the modules required while also ensuring order processes remain seamlessly integrated throughout. As a result of SPAR’s significant digital transformation project, SPAR country organisations will now benefit from this latest innovation in new technology development, helping them to meet evolving consumer expectations and needs as part of the brand’s Better Together strategy.

Speaking about the new partnership, Tobias Wasmuht, CEO of SPAR International said: “SPAR has evolved its online grocery presence significantly over the last 15 years and today, SPAR is possibly unique in offering an online grocery offer under a single brand in 30 countries worldwide. The partnership with Naveo allows us to significantly build on this capability by transforming our e-commerce proposition and in turn enhancing our online offer to the communities we serve with over 13,500 stores worldwide. We are delighted to be working with the team at Naveo on a global scale and are looking forward to the future as we commence our roll out across multiple markets and continents in the coming months.”

“At Naveo, we pride ourselves on the flexibility of our e-commerce solutions,” comments Moris Chemtov, CEO at Naveo Commerce. “We are thrilled to be enabling SPAR International to fully embrace digital transformation and customise their digital solutions to best suit their workforce and their customers. It has been a fantastic opportunity to partner with SPAR for this initiative, especially during a period of significant change within the grocery industry. We are looking forward to working closely with the SPAR team moving forward as they continue their drive to deliver a streamlined customer experience.”

The roll-out of e-commerce solutions has grown dramatically in 2020, with over 30 SPAR country organisations providing customers with online shopping at the start of this year. Combining the extensive store network of over 13,500 stores with agile and fast instore picking to delivery is a successful offline to online model for SPAR, ensuring its worldwide independent retailers can access global best practice and integrate this in their local offer.

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