Smollan Invests in the Circular Economy through Partnership with Fair-Trade Plastics Recycling Company, Mr. Green Africa

International retail solutions company, Smollan, have announced their partnership with Mr. Green Africa through an investment made in the fair-trade plastics recycling company based in Kenya.

Mr. Green Africa aims to close the loop from consumer to plastics manufacturer through its supply network and high value recycled plastics. The company is on a journey to improve the livelihoods of waste pickers, who play a vital role in the reclamation of recyclable materials across much of the developing world as the business scales.

“We are passionate about building a business that deserves to last through connecting people, brands and opportunities in ways that create growth and transform lives. In collaboration with Mr. Green Africa, we hope to contribute to reducing the environmental impact associated with single use plastic and support many of our FMCG clients who are on their own path towards enhanced sustainability within their supply chains” says Mike Smollan, Chief Growth and Innovation Officer at Smollan.

Keiran Smith, Co-Founder & CEO of Mr. Green Africa has said of the partnership, “We are excited about the partnership with Smollan, as the vision and values of our organizations are perfectly aligned. We share the fundamental belief that this partnership is a perfect example of the African proverb; “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Smollan’s knowledge & expertise will play an integral role in including the consumer in the MGA network and creating a fully localised circular plastics economy in emerging markets.”

Kees Kruythoff, Chairman of Mr. Green Africa commented, “We are super excited to have the Smollan family part of Mr. Green Africa. They are special people, passionate about business as a force for good but especially focused on social impact and opportunities for people on the challenging side of society. They will bring investment, heart and skills to Mr. Green Africa.”

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