ScanZone Takes on Point of Sale and Auto Identification Market

Armed with its customer first approach, an aggressive pricing structure and a wealth of knowledge of the industry by the two partners, ScanZone, a 100% Level 1 female-owned ICT company, has opened its doors to provide Point of Sale and Auto Identification Solutions to the African market.

Two sales and service industry giants have joined forces to take on the Point of Sale and Auto Identification Market in Africa. Anwar Khadir – Repair Operations Manager, and Aslam Peerbacus – Regional Sales Manager, are the driving forces behind ScanZone. Between the two of them, they have 40 years’ combined experience in the industry. Over the years, the two have worked for some leading names in this industry, and will use their knowledge of the industry to set ScanZone on a sustainable growth path in such a competitive trading environment.

ScanZone, part of Umklomelo Electronics and IT Solutions Pty Ltd, will leverage its parent company’s existing client base to gain an immediate foothold into the African market. Peerbacus explains that the company is targeting the South African and Sub Saharan African market focusing on Retail, Transport and Logistics, Manufacturing and the Healthcare industry, offering a range of services, namely, onsite and in-house repair of point of sale and auto identification hardware; consultative services targeted towards Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing solutions; as well as consultative services on auto identification solutions.

Peerbacus expects ScanZone to quickly find its feet across the above-mentioned verticals. “The OEM vendors that we partner with already hold majority market share within these verticals in Africa. Our technology sets and solutions appeal to these targeted verticals, and will definitely offer quick return on investments to our clientele across these sectors,” says Peerbacus.

The company will take a different approach to the African market. Its competitive edge lies in its aggressive pricing structure with its OEM vendors, which is good news to its target market, the small to medium business sector.

“Armed with our aggressive pricing structure and value added services we will put our energy and focus into the small to medium business sector. Blue chip companies are already focusing their attentions on the Tier one clientele, turning their attention away from the SME business sector which they regard as Tier two or three clientele,” says Peerbacus.

Peerbacus says the small to medium business sector demands the same service levels and offerings as the Tier one clientele but at pricing structures catered towards the SME world. “To appeal to this market, we will focus on flexibility of credit solutions and financing for these SME businesses as majority of risk will be held in house by our organisation,” he adds.

Another competitive edge for ScanZone will be its Loyalty Programme for its clientele, which will set a new benchmark in the industry. Meanwhile, the company’s systems and methodologies are built on a customer centric approach, while its unique Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) portal will likely turn heads.

To maximise support capabilities, the company offers its B2B Mobile Apps which can be downloaded on Apple or Google Play Store. These are complemented by the 8am-5pm Live chat support.

“Our Customer First approach will be our major differentiator. We will ensure that whatever we do or create is based on improving the customer experience and satisfaction. We will also ensure ease of doing business with our organisation at all times,” concludes Peerbacus.

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