OneCart Enables Comparative Shopping for Cash-Strapped Consumers

In the face of rising food, fuel and electricity prices, recent Walmart acquisition OneCart has unveiled a revolutionary new shopping app that allows customers to instantly compare pricing between multiple retail stores.
They can then place an order from as many stores as they’d like, and have their curated basket delivered in a single transaction, within a 60-minute window.

Sometimes referred to as a ‘digital mall’, OneCart allows customers to simultaneously shop from various retail stores offering groceries, alcohol, pharmacy, pet, baby, electronics, and general merchandise. With its primary focus on offering abundance and variety, customers can have items from all these categories delivered within a 60-minute window, for a delivery fee of just R35.

Describing the experience, Aidan Johnson, Chief Executive at OneCart explains, “Using a single shopping app to get the best prices from multiple retailers in one transaction is both more efficient and more affordable than the multiple app, multiple transaction alternative that shoppers are having to use today.

In addition to the convenience and cost-saving opportunity that OneCart offers, customers can also enjoy greater control over their experience due to OneCart’s in-app concierge service, which uses a real time chat service between shopper and customer to make more informed decisions about product substitutions – a key reason that OneCart customers keep coming back to the service.

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