MACmobile Launches STOREApp Self-service Mobile App to Empower Main Market Retailers in Southern and Eastern Africa

MACmobile, a provider of end-to-end cloud-based FMCG value chain solutions and platforms, has launched STOREApp for FIELDForce, a self-service mobile application aimed at empowering main market retailers to manage their own ordering process. This innovative application runs off any smartphone or browser, enabling spaza shop owners and other small retailers to place their orders directly with wholesalers.

As an extension to FIELDForce, STOREApp provides a seamless B2B eCommerce connection for the route to market distribution. Wholesalers and Distributors gain an additional sales channel within FIELDForce to support the existing sales and field force.

“In the wake of Covid-19 one thing has become clear – face-to-face interactions need to add value, especially in retail. For the main market, orders have traditionally been placed via sales reps, but with nationwide lockdowns limiting interpersonal contact, we needed to find a new way of doing business. STOREApp allows small retail owners to place orders directly with multiple wholesalers, putting them in control and allowing sales reps to take on a more relationship-building role rather than an order-taking one,” says Andrew Dawson, Managing Director at MACmobile.

MACmobile’s end-to-end offering is integrated into all areas of the supply chain, giving retailers visibility into accurate pricing, promotions and packaging from a variety of different suppliers. This enables retailers to make the best decisions on ordering across products to maximise their offering and profitability and change their stock mix dynamically to meet changing customer needs. It also simplifies the ordering process and allows for more accurate budgeting, provides a solution for stock control, and delivers intelligence and insight for improved efficiency and decision making.

STOREApp is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface that tails store owners through the ordering process in just three steps. It is the last mile in complete line of sight, creating a seamless, fully integrated platform for all areas of the value chain. It also opens the opportunity for manufacturers to engage with consumers and loyalty programs that can influence sales in line with marketing strategies.

“Ultimately, our goal is to build relationships and drive community development. Having a communication layer at the spaza shop owner level is essential, enabling both wholesalers and manufacturers to share targeted promotions geared toward particular communities. We are also giving shop owners greater independence when it comes to their ordering processes, bringing them into the retail chain and helping to generate increased loyalty,” adds Dawson.

STOREApp is now available in South Africa, Kenya and Angola, with new regions in the pipeline for rollout. It works on any data-enabled device, including Android and IOS devices as well as desktops and laptops. Contact MACmobile today to find out more and try a demo.

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