MACMobile has Launched its New FIELDPromote App

MACMobile, an innovator of niche mobile technology solutions for the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry, has launched its new FIELDPromote app which revolutionises the last mile of customer loyalty. FIELDPromote offers a complete, intelligent solution for managing activations from conception to execution and beyond, to ensure maximum return on promotional spend. It can be deployed as a standalone offering, in conjunction with the FIELDLoyalty application, or as part of MACMobile’s end-to-end supply chain and logistics management offering, FIELDForce.

“Loyalty programs should assist brands to drive awareness and create behavioural change, enticing customers to try and buy products. However, they are typically costly to execute, and often plagued with challenges. FIELDPromote helps brands manage this process from start to finish, for greater control over their spend and accurate insight into the effectiveness and reach of their activations,” explains Andrew Dawson, Commercial Director of MACMobile.

FIELDPromote is a complete brand promotion scheduling and execution tool. The planning phase, including dates and venues, scheduling and product mechanics, briefing of agencies and promoters and more, can be streamlined using the app, ensuring a consistent message reaches all parties involved.

Actual activations can be run digitally, with a variety of different game mechanics aligned with brand image. Physical promotional stock can be allocated, issued and tracked digitally to minimise losses. Brands can also leverage digital prizes such as voucher codes or airtime rewards, which can be sent directly to the winner’s cell phone. This mitigates the risk of physical prizes that may be lost or stolen. A follow up congratulatory message can be sent to winners to ensure the brand remains top of mind.

Each customer engagement is timestamped and includes contact details, to identify how many customers participated and how many unique interactions were obtained. The system randomly picks winners, removing the common element of fraud, and budget can be easily controlled as the app will not allocate more prizes than are available.

FIELDPromote creates a fully auditable trail that delivers accurate feedback in the effectiveness of activations. This information is available immediately after a promotion closes, allowing for mechanics or call to actions to be tweaked before the next round of activations begins.

“FIELDPromote vastly increases control and visibility into an area of marketing that has typically been difficult to get a handle on. Brands become infinitely more agile and flexible, and can leverage true insight from accurate, real-time consolidated reporting. The reports are completely granular, with the ability to drill down into detail for each promoter at each venue. They can see exactly which venues and which activations work for them, and how many engagements they achieve for their spend,” says Jaco Saunders, Unit Lead at MACMobile.

“Promoters have full visibility into how many prizes are available, so they cannot give away more than they have been allocated. Agencies can better manage their resources through insight into the performance of their employees. The entire process can be streamlined and tightly controlled, ensuring maximum impact for marketing investments,” he adds.

FIELDPromote is currently available on request from MACMobile, with the option to request a demo of the solution for trial purposes. The backend is web-based, with the front-end application developed natively for Android, to give brands and agencies maximum choice of cost-effective devices to use for activations. A self-service offering will be rolled out in the near future to enable brands to register and run their own campaigns online.

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