E-commerce Platform Sokowatch Launches East Africa’s First Commercial Electric Tuk-Tuks

E-commerce platform leads EV revolution to combat emissions and noise pollution in Kampala

Sokowatch, the innovative East African e-commerce platform, has announced the ground breaking launch of electric tuk tuks to its delivery fleet in Uganda, making the vehicles the first to be used commercially in East Africa. Built and assembled by a team led by Sokowatch Uganda’s head mechanic and engineer, Mary Nankinga, the new tuk tuks mark a company-wide push at Sokowatch to build cleaner and more sustainable environments in its operating markets.

Built by Gayam Motor Works, the Indian EV manufacturer whose clients include Amazon, IKEA and Flipkart, the new fleet of vehicles take just 3 hours to charge overnight and last for approximately 2-3 days. The electric tuk tuks are expected to deliver to 35 shops per day within 2 hours of orders being placed and can carry 500kg in goods for the retailers.

Sokowatch’s Country Manager for Uganda, Peter Muzoora, says “In Kampala, air quality is 6x worse than global standards. As a company built around improving the livelihoods of local communities, we decided to take a direct approach to addressing this issue and our deployment of electric tuk tuks shows this wasn’t just lip-service. Every day, we witness the impact of carbon emissions and noise pollution on this city, which is why this initiative is so important and why we’re proud to be a company leading active change in Kampala.”

The new electric tuk tuks will play a critical role in Sokowatch’s service, which employs tech-enabled solutions to improve supply chain inefficiencies for informal retailers. In Africa’s cities alone, there are more than 10 million informal shops selling over $180 billion worth of goods every year. Despite their importance to local economies, these shops routinely stock out of products, have limited access to financial services, and lack proper business management tools.

However, Sokowatch enables informal retailers to order products at any time via SMS or mobile app and receive free same-day delivery to their store. Using historic purchasing data, the platform also evaluates retailers to provide them with access to credit and other financial services typically not available to informal businesses.

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