CA&S Group Acquires an Equity Shareholding in MACmobile

“As a group, we operate across eight geographies and run various businesses across the value chain in the FMCG space, from distribution to in-store execution. MACmobile software allows us to enhance our capability within our organisation and offer our clients increased efficiency and effectiveness. Acquiring a shareholding in the businesses allows us to develop a collaborative partnership approach that will enable us to tightly align our objectives and deliver a better-quality solution for our customers,” says Duncan Lewis, CEO of the CA&S Group.

MACmobile’s software is a natural fit for the CA&S Group, which delivers route-to-market services to blue chip manufacturers. It provides valuable line of sight into every aspect of the value chain, from manufacturer to sales, in the formal retail sector as well as the main market. This level of insight and intelligence is invaluable in facilitating data-driven decision making, so that manufacturers can move to a just in time (JIT) model to optimise costs and enhance profitability. MACmobile provides a variety of integrated technologies centred around achieving optimal efficiency as well as the advantage of better-informed decision making to the manufacturer.

“One of our areas of strategic focus has always been to grow our operations into Africa. We have also been looking to expand our capability within our local business. Our partnership with the CA&S Group aligns perfectly with these objectives and presents us with an unparalleled opportunity to grow exponentially within a larger group, as well as to benefit from the additional resources that the providers,” says Andrew Dawson, Managing Director at MACmobile.

Through its shareholding in MACmobile, the CA&S Group can now leverage standardised software and a single platform across all of their companies, with scale and resources to provision the software effectively.

“Our job is essentially to ensure on shelf capability for our customers. Using MACmobile products, we can improve the quality of execution in-store and the quality of reporting back to our clients. This is enabled through enhanced reporting that delivers improved insight, helping them to make better business decisions. We look forward to working with the MACmobile team,” Lewis concludes.

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