Boost Black Friday Sales and Service with 1Stream CRM

Black Friday is the most anticipated shopping day of the year, with many consumers planning ahead to make the most of discounted deals. For retailers, Black Friday and Cyber Monday mark the beginning of the festive shopping season and are an opportunity to boost and maximise revenue and attract new customers to their brands with irresistible discounts.

With the majority of Black Friday purchases happening online, it is essential that e-retailers ensure their contact centre teams are able to handle the spike in traffic and deliver excellent customer service to both new and existing customers. The most effective way to do this is to have CRM software in place to help teams create a positive customer experience for shoppers which, in turn, will boost revenue.

1Stream is the leading provider of cloud-based contact centre and CRM technology in Southern Africa and is committed to helping organisations deliver an exceptional customer experience. “1Stream CRM is a world-class pay-per-use platform that helps our clients put their customers front and centre of their business,” says 1Stream founder and joint CEO Bruce von Maltitz.

“Black Friday puts tremendous pressure on an organisation. 1Stream CRM gives service and sales teams the tools they need to deliver consistently good customer service and build a loyal customer base. Satisfied customers buy more, demonstrate greater loyalty and recommend your business more often. Simply put, 1Stream CRM can help retailers boost not only their Black Friday service delivery, but in turn will also ensure long-term revenue growth.”

Three ways 1Stream can help retailers make the most of Black Friday

1. Scalability

With significant increases in contact volumes on and around Black Friday, many organisations employ temporary staff to help. This can mean higher costs if new software licences need to be obtained for new staff members. 1Stream CRM sidesteps these needs as staff can be added quickly and easily for a short period on a pay-per-use basis. 1Stream’s intuitive interface cuts back on costly training requirements and means staff can be onboarded quickly and efficiently and become fully integrated members of your team.

2. Remote access

1Stream’s Web-based platform can be accessed anywhere at any time, eliminating the need to secure and pay for office space to accommodate additional team members during the peak Black Friday period.

3. Maintain excellent customer service levels

Because 1Stream CRM records every interaction with customers across all media – e-mail, chat, phone calls, WhatsApp and social media – in one place, staff have a full picture of the customers they are engaging with and can service them quickly and seamlessly. The team is able to instantly access and understand previous engagements with customers, eliminating the need for customers to reintroduce and explain themselves, their purchasing history and their service requirements. This means staff can instantly engage and connect with customers in a meaningful manner, providing them with a sense of relief that not only does the agent know who they are, but they do not need to repeat conversations numerous times.

Black Friday provides an opportunity for e-retailers to show their commitment to putting their customers first. Satisfied customers will remember that they had a positive experience with a brand, ensuring it is top of mind the next time they seek to make a purchase. By having the right CRM software in place, businesses can empower their contact centre teams and create a lasting impression on customers that will translate into long-term revenue gains.

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