Bolt Provides Over 700 Trips for SAPIN Youth

Bolt, the leading on-demand mobility platform in Africa, and its partner SAPIN, property academy, joined forces last year to provide over 50 young people with trips for their youth internship programme. Bolt has since provided SAPIN with over 700 trips to those who had difficulty accessing transportation for their daily commute.

For SAPIN, the partnership has been instrumental in supporting budding entrepreneurs who previously struggled to service clients located at a distance. With Bolt’s extensive coverage and efficient transportation solutions, these up-and-coming entrepreneurs can now expand their client base and establish themselves as key players in the property industry. The impact on their businesses has been remarkable, as they have unlocked new revenue streams and fostered long-term relationships with clients they previously couldn’t reach.

Bolt Business Country Manager Cyndi Levendale, “As part of Bolt’s commitment to invest in South Africa, we are always looking at ways to empower as well as remove transportation barriers using our technology for our communities. As we observe youth month, we continue to support the young people of our country the best way we know how by providing door-to-door rides as they create earning opportunities for themselves .”

Carmelle Balepe adds, “As a recent graduate, finding an internship was a milestone for me. However, I faced many challenges, and one of them was transportation. Staying in a place where public transport is unreliable, I constantly struggled to get to work and get home. It was a frustrating experience that left me feeling anxious and worried about my future prospects. As an intern, the cost of transportation was a huge significant expense. However, Sapin Youth and Bolt came to my rescue. I was offered a sponsorship for transportation with Bolt, which was a massive relief for me. With Bolt, I no longer had to worry about how I would get to work. I could focus on my job and my future prospects with peace of mind.”

Daniel Kazadi, Head of SAPIN Youth, says, “Since our partnership with Bolt, we have witnessed many success stories. One of the most significant impacts has been on the lives of over fifty young professionals recently starting new positions with SAPIN. Before our collaboration with Bolt, transportation was a major barrier for them, limiting their growth and professional development opportunities. By providing them with access to Bolt’s reliable and affordable transportation services, we have effectively removed this obstacle and opened up a world of possibilities for these talented individuals.”

Most recently, Bolt announced the Female Outternship programme to increase women’s participation and inclusion in the technology sector. The six-month-long internship termed, Outternship will offer the selected candidates an opportunity to kickstart their career in an exciting role that challenges them to think outside the box in the different departments within the business.

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