Altron Karabina Partners with Sana Commerce to Provide Fully Integrated B2B E-commerce Platform

B2B e-commerce is fast becoming an integral part of digital transformation strategies and business growth.

Altron Karabina has partnered with Sana Commerce to provide customers with a fully integrated and seamless B2B e-commerce solution that is natively embedded into an ERP, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365. With the global business environment becoming ever more reliant on e-commerce to drive sales, companies are looking for ways to consolidate, simplify and automate key processes and transactions. By partnering with Sana Commerce,  Altron Karabina can eliminate the many complexities of B2B e-commerce and provide new efficiencies – while reducing the need for costly, long term customisation processes.

Notably, Forrester named Sana Commerce as among the top 13 B2B commerce companies in its recent report, The Forrester Wave™: B2B Commerce Suites, Q2 2020, which is a testament to their world-class offering and full suite of capabilities.

“Increasingly, customers within the manufacturing and supply chain sectors are conducting sales and transacting via B2B e-commerce and online platforms, as opposed to using call centres and direct sales,” says Dave Ives, Head of Business Applications at Altron Karabina. “We can now provide a solution that easily integrates with Dynamics 365 Finance and key operational processes without requiring integration, customisation and constant updates to different platforms.”

Enhancing customers’ digital core 

With digital transformation high on the agenda for customers across sectors, having a robust and highly automated e-commerce platform is fast becoming a core entry point for sales and growth. Simultaneously, the high costs and lead time associated with customisation are driving the need for innovative, natively embedded solutions, that connect straight into the digital core of a business and integrate with existing processes.

“Altron Karabina is now able to partner with customers on this critical part of their digital transformation journeys, by leveraging the Sana Commerce platform to provide a solution that is both synchronised and tightly coupled to key business processes,” explains Ives.

For example, when connected into the end to end e-commerce Dynamics 365 platform, what users do on the front-end is automatically updated on the back-end, providing important efficiency gains around aspects such as order firming, trade agreements and simple processes like repeat orders.

“We are tremendously excited about this partnership. Altron Karabina is a leading digital transformation partner in Africa and really understands the complexities and growing needs of this diverse market,” added Ruben Mink, Chief Sales Officer, Sana Commerce. “This solution can really drive growth for customers by synchronising the master data and ensuring that B2B e-commerce strategies are coupled with the Cloud roadmap. We know that this is a critical success factor in today’s digitally- driven environment.”

Indeed, customers are increasingly looking for enhanced integration, usability, and simplicity as the digital environment grows more and more important as a way to ensure business sustainability amidst disruption. With the Sana e-commerce platform, customers benefit from automatic upgrades to match the Microsoft platform in parallel (and continuously adjust to the business requirements). Customers can also rest in peace that the platform is secure and robust, with data stored and protected by Microsoft’s state of the art Azure data centres.

“Through MS Dynamics 365 and Sana, we are now offering customers a globally competitive e-commerce platform on a world-class, modern ERP – and thereby enabling businesses across the EMEA region to bolster their digital transformation initiatives and drive growth,” concludes Ives.

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