ZAMBEEF Chaisa and Ndola City Centre Macros Cheer Customers

Zambeef Products has continued to build up on the momentum of its macro rollout with shoppers in Chaisa hailing the company’s return to the area and those in Ndola excited about the new Ndola City Centre Macro.

“Zambeef macros are built and centred around the community – as are all our other outlets – because we want to be where the community is. And although this may not our first store here, as we had one before that was closed down due to circumstances at the time, we are happy to be back in the neighbourhood with a new and improved world class facility,” said Zambeef Chief Executive Officer Francis Grogan during the official opening in Lusaka’s Chaisa area.

Chaisa Ward 20 Councillor, Hon. Ruth Phiri, was thrilled at the development, noting businesses such as Zambeef were valuable to the community as they provided important goods and services and encouraged the growth of neighbourhood businesses.

She further noted the level of innovation seen with the outlets was proof that local businesses countrywide can deliver services of international standards using locally sourced produce, material and manpower.

“Zambeef has the right idea when it comes to the use of local resources and adding value, which has contributed immensely to the development of local economies, especially in rural areas, are working in close collaboration with farmers across the country whether small, medium or corporates. These types of backward and forward linkages between big corporations and the smaller players in the value chain – that are beneficial to both parties and offer opportunities and business solutions – are what is needed if we are to create a really vibrant and sustainable agro-processing sector in Zambia,” said Hon. Phiri.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Ndola, His Worship Councillor Amon Chisenga, echoed his counterpart, stating that value addition to local resources is vital in developing a sustainable economy.

“Zambeef has long been a part of the local business landscape and indeed a part of our lives – the positive impact of the company can be seen not only at a personal level but also at a national level. Unlike the stories we hear circulating about how local businesses fall short of international standards in competing with foreign businesses, Zambeef has continued to excel and get better with time. It is such businesses and organisations, especially home-grown, that government is looking to see more of and encourage if we are to attain sustainable economic and overall national growth as laid out in our 7th National Development Plan,” noted His Worship.

The outlets provide a hygienic, spacious, easily accessible and safe environment for shoppers.

“Zambeef has chosen to invest in our communities and overall operations because they have always chosen to invest in us,” said Zambeef Head Corporate Affairs and General Manager Retailing Mr Felix Lupindula in Ndola.

Mr Lupindula further noted that the clear strategic priorities set out in 2016 focused on growing our retail activities across the country, and also the region by having a presence in the border towns across the country were progressively taking shape.

“It has been a roller-coaster ride at times but nonetheless an interesting one filled with highs and lows, tight deadlines – as we have opted to build our new stores and outlets from the ground up using our own internal construction and refrigeration team and on company owned premises,” added Mr Lupindula reflecting on the year, given the macros opened during the period.

Having control over the minute details from start to finish has enabled Zambeef to create the ideal stores designed with the customer in mind and offering a convenient, spacious, hygienic and safe shopping environment of international standards, able to compete with any foreign chain store around.

Zambeef has further embarked on an aggressive investment programme growing its internal capacity to mirror rising demand for its products including a multi-million dollar hatchery and stockfeed mill at its Mpongwe Farm, the largest agricultural investment on the Copperbelt Province; and the Zambeef Kitwe Central Processing slated to become one of the main distribution hubs for the Province and increase operational efficiencies.

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