Wincor Nixdorf Provides Services for Ameria’s Digital Shop Window Solution

The technology company ameria GmbH, which focuses on software and technology development, has commissioned Wincor Nixdorf to take over the services for Virtual Promoter, a digital shop window solution for brick-and-mortar retail businesses. Wincor Nixdorf will be responsible for setup, startup and maintenance of the systems that are installed at ameria’s retail and industry customers around the world.

Virtual Promoter is an interactive, gesture-controlled shop window that revolutionizes the shopping experience at the stationary point of sale and is the connecting link between offline and online retailing. Its hardware consists of an interactive screen, two induction loudspeakers, a projection tower with two projectors, technology to control images, sound and online systems as well as a sensor for gesture control. The solution is designed and controlled centrally with the help of cloud software that both ameria and its customers can operate with standard IT programs. Thanks to the hardware and a projection film that is affixed to the window inside the retail store, an interactive image of a virtual person appears in the shop window, with the induction loudspeakers providing sound outside the store. Virtual Promoter addresses passersby directly and thus attracts attention. People in front of the window interact with the virtual person via gesture control. The window pane can be used to present products and services, and the contents can be easily changed via the cloud. With their personal smartphone, passersby can order goods or reserve them in the store using a QR code or an app that leads them to the online shop. The digital shop window therefore serves as an extended shop floor that is ‘open’ around the clock. In addition, Virtual Promoter collects data about general traffic in front of the shop window as well as interaction rates and the time devoted to individual products.

“This order has demonstrated that our service portfolio also allows us to be successful in industries that are not among our traditional customers. In general, we want to use the service know-how from our banking and retail business to increasingly tap business potential in other industries in future,” says Wolfgang Künkler, who is responsible for Wincor Nixdorf’s business with product-related IT services.

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