Vivo Energy Uganda Sets up Ugx 120m Modern Service Bay Facility at Ministry of Works & Transport Headquarters

Vivo Energy Uganda has officially handed over a dedicated motor vehicle service bay facility installed at the Ministry of Works and Transport offices in Kampala. The facility has a capacity of 20,000 litres and will handle fleet maintenance for all government vehicles.

“This installation is one of our tailored solutions for commercial customers and will see us provide a special on-site lubricants offer. We understand that organisations with a sizable fleet require tailored solutions that help them ensure greater efficiencies by reducing down-time, managing the quality of products and reducing operational costs.” said Johan Grobbelaar, Managing Director, Vivo Energy Uganda.

Gen. Katumba Wamala, the Minister of Works and Transport officiated the ceremony at the Ministry headquarters. “As a Ministry, we are pursuing cost-effective solutions to deliver services to the population and this facility is one of the solutions that has been implemented by the Ministry to provide greater resource control and accountability. I am confident that this service will make the Ministry operations more efficient and deliver greater value to the taxpayer,” he said.

The solution is one of many offered to large organisations by Vivo Energy Uganda. Through its commercial team, the company targets businesses in Manufacturing, Mining, Agriculture, Corporate, Tourism, Construction, Fleet, Export, Aviation and Government. Vivo Energy are market leaders in commercial business and are constantly innovating to protect their leadership position.

Providing fuel and lubricant products directly at our customers’ sites provides greater convenience, and more control for fleet managers.

Grobbelaar concluded: “I can guarantee that with our high quality Shell-branded products and services, we will be able to keep your fleet on the road with fewer breakdowns, helping to ensure smooth day to day operations for your business.”

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