Truecaller Partnership with Yum Kenya to Aid Last Mile Food Delivery

Truecaller and Yum Deliveries, Nairobi’s premier online restaurant delivery service, announced today that they have partnered to provide an enhanced delivery experience by giving users more context to calls, and letting them know when their meal is about to reach them.

Truecaller will now be able to show all customer care and logistics related calls made by Yum and its partner restaurants. The purpose of “Truecaller Priority” is to ensure that consumers will always know when it’s a relevant and important call made from a company, and not a spam call.

“Trading online while fraught with different challenges has been found to pose significant benefits to businesses, consumers and even the society in general. The major E-commerce challenge companies face is logistics delivery issues and Yum deliveries are no exception. This results in bad user experience which translates to mounting overhead cost and challenges at managing customer support. With the onset of mobile E-commerce apps consumer convenience has been enhanced, but the logistical complications further increased. Today, Yum Deliveries has launched its new app to enhance consumer ease in accessing our services and to facilitate the accompanying logistics Yum has partnered with Truecaller.” said Ronald Kaleu, General Manager at Yum.

“We are excited to have Yum on-board on Truecaller Priority. This will help Yum Deliveries complete more deliveries through increased call completion and pick-up rate by boosting their efficiency,” said Zakaria Hersi, Director of Partnerships, Africa at Truecaller.

While the e-commerce sector is still in the early stages in Kenya, consumers are opening up to the idea of online ordering/delivery and online orders are increasing by the day. This means that the personification of services is lost. The partnership with Truecaller will help Yum mitigate this risk, without being mistaken for a spam call. With this partnership, Yum hope to complement their customer service and offer a fun filled ordering experience through the whole process.

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