Tiger Brands Partners with SA Harvest to Support Food Security

The lack of food security is a major issue for South Africa. Every day, millions of people go to bed hungry while millions of tons of food go to waste each year. As the largest food manufacturer in South Africa, Tiger Brands has partnered with SA Harvest in an effort to reduce food waste and improve food security.

“As part of our commitment to improving food security, Tiger Brands will donate near-dated stock to SA Harvest for distribution through its network and supply monthly food parcels to the SA Harvest in-house feeding scheme. The company will also donate fresh produce to SA Harvest from our new food garden, which we will build and launch as one of our 2021 Mandela Day activities,” says Mary-Jane Morifi, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Tiger Brands.

As a strategic partner, SA Harvest takes a pragmatic approach to ending hunger by addressing the systemic causes of poor food security while simultaneously tackling the immediate need by rescuing nutritious food and delivering it where it is needed most. To date, SA Harvest has delivered the equivalent of 6,2 million meals to over 80 beneficiary organisations around the country, rescuing 1,820 tonnes of food that would otherwise have gone to waste.

“The commitment by Tiger Brands to an ongoing supply of staple and nutritious foods to SA Harvest is significant for two reasons. Firstly, it addresses the immediate need for the alleviation of hunger in the desperately food vulnerable communities supported by SA Harvest across South Africa. Secondly, it is a significant endorsement by Tiger Brands of SA Harvest’s expertise in its mission to end hunger in South Africa,” says Alan Browde, CEO of SA Harvest.

“As the continent’s largest food manufacturer and a company with such a significant and strategic focus on sustainable socio-economic development, Tiger Brands’ support of SA Harvest represents a mutual commitment to addressing food and nutrition security. We are proud to be working collaboratively with an organisation that nurtures sustainable livelihoods, people and the environment,” says Browde.

Tiger Brands will run several projects across its business to support the Nelson Mandela Foundation’s focus on food and nutrition. The company is bringing the message of sustainable health and nutrition home by starting a company corporate garden at its headquarters in Johannesburg. Produce grown in the garden will be donated to SA Harvest for distribution. Employees who volunteer to participate in the project will receive training on how to manage and maintain the garden. With many working from home employees will also be given home and community gardening starter packs to establish their own food gardens.

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