Tetra Pak South Africa Joins the Proudly South African Family

Tetra Pak South Africa announced that it has officially become a member company of Proudly South African organization at an event that took place at Monte Casino on 30 January. In attendance was 1st Secretary of Trade and Economic Affairs, Swedish Embassy Mr. Martin Jornrud, representatives from various South African Government departments Department of Trade and Industry (DTIC), Department of Environmental Affairs (DFFE) and The Department of Trade and Industry in KwaZulu Natal representatives from Business Sweden and Proudly South African, together with an array of Tetra Pak customers.

This partnership marks a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to supporting and contributing to the growth of the South African economy and dedication to its customers.

Klaus Plenge, Managing Director of Tetra Pak Southern Africa, expressed his enthusiasm about the membership, stating, “We are thrilled to become a part of the Proudly South African family. In addition to the local supply, Tetra Pak exports products and is looking at broadening its footprint globally especially after the R500 million investment to upgrade our Pinetown plant, allowing us to produce more package formats, which is in-line with the government’s plan to revive South Africa’s economy.”

“This certification will also allow our customers to use the Proudly South African logo on their products.”

Proudly South African welcomed Tetra Pak into its community, stating, “We are excited that Tetra Pak South Africa is now part of our network. We seek to influence procurement in the public and private sectors, to increase local production and to encourage consumers to buy local. This is in line with government’s plans to revive South Africa’s economy so that jobs can be created, and unemployment can be reduced.”

Charles Manuel, Director at Invest SA, South Africa’s pre-eminent investment promotion agency which falls under the DTIC, and which is responsible for attracting foreign direct investment into South Africa’s manufacturing sector said, “This is a noteworthy endorsement for Tetra Pak. It is important that we retain and grow investment into the local manufacturing space by global brands, and this announcement further cements Tetra Pak’s role in the packaging sector.”

The Proudly South African membership is a further indication of Tetra Pak’s commitment to this market, following more than R500 million investment into its Pinetown plant in 2021.

Klaus commented, “Our Pinetown plant upgrade will bring tangible value to our customers with local production secured only a with a two-week lead time, no need for long term storage, increased speed to market in case of new designs and innovations. Adding to that, flexibility, and other advantages of local supply,”

“We look forward to leveraging on partnerships, forming more alliances and receiving more support to be able to continue to create meaningful change and contribute to build a stronger, more resilient South Africa, where excellence and community empowerment go hand in hand,” concludes Plenge.

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