Tarsus on Demand Launches Digital on Demand Division, Aimed At Accelerating Digitalisation for SMB Businesses

In a strategic move to bolster the digital transformation of small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across South Africa and Africa, Tarsus On Demand is proud to announce the launch of Digital On Demand, and it’s Digital Business Hub Marketplace. This comprehensive digital business hub is designed to empower SMBs on their digitalisation journey, addressing the unique challenges faced by SMBs and leveraging opportunities within the digital landscape in one place.

Senzo Mbhele, Managing Director of Tarsus On Demand, says the Marketplace empowers SMB Businesses to find the right digital solution to run their business. “The launch of Digital On Demand marks a significant milestone as we accelerate digital transformation across South Africa and beyond. By identifying and addressing the specific challenges within the SMB segment, we’re not just proposing solutions; we’re enabling businesses to remain resilient, relevant, and competitive in an increasingly digital era, all at an accessible price point.”

Digital On Demand and its Digital Business Hub Marketplace have been carefully crafted as a response to a critical need in the market. One of the foremost challenges SMBs face is identifying a starting point in their digital transformation journey. Understanding this, Digital On Demand provides a roadmap specifically tailored to the unique needs, as well as the future aspirations, of each business.

Jessica Harvey, Business Unit Manager at Tarsus On Demand, elaborates on the impact of this initiative: “Our vision for Digital On Demand steps outside the one-size-fits-all approach. We have curated our Marketplace to be a responsive, adaptable ally in each company’s digital journey. We acknowledge the diversity in the digital readiness of businesses, and our approach ensures that we meet them where they are, providing tailored, strategic solutions that resonate with their specific digital transformation goals and operational needs. In this way, Digital On Demand is so much more than a service. We are partners in innovation, fostering digital inclusivity so every business can thrive on its own terms.”

Digital On Demand’s Marketplace encompasses everything a SMB requires to grow and scale their operations, from foundational digital elements like professional domain registration and email setup to more advanced integrations like cloud-based HR systems, ERP systems, and cybersecurity solutions.

With this initiative, Tarsus On Demand reaffirms its commitment to strengthening SMBs’ capacity for resilience, operational efficiency, and growth. This focus is particularly crucial considering SMBs’ substantial contribution to job creation, innovation, and economic diversification in South Africa and across the African continent.

Accessing the resources and partnership opportunities that Digital On Demand offers is streamlined for user ease. Businesses can connect directly with the digital hub via www.digitalbusinesshub.africa, where they’ll discover a wealth of solutions designed to navigate the digital transformation maze more effectively.

Mbhele says Digital On Demand is poised to play a significant role in the SMB market. “We envision being at the forefront of the African digital narrative for SMEs. Our role is to facilitate seamless transformation and promote growth within this vital sector. Our goal is clear: to ensure these businesses are not just participants but dynamic innovators in today’s digital age.”

He adds that the impact of SMB digitalisation is far-reaching, promoting sustainable economic growth, inclusivity, and resilience against economic headwinds. Through initiatives like Digital On Demand, Tarsus On Demand is setting the stage for a more vibrant, innovative, and balanced economy, ultimately leading to a prosperous future for all.

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