Stanchion Launches Comprehensive New Payment Switch Solution SwitchCare

Stanchion Payment Solutions, a global specialist in payment solutions and integration, has launched SwitchCare, an innovative and comprehensive offering that ensures the optimal management of Payment Switch environments.

The service is aimed at payment processing companies that have transaction switching platforms at the heart of their operational infrastructures. Using best-of-breed tools and drawing off Stanchion’s specialist team’s expert knowledge and skills, SwitchCare ensures that this mission-critical system can deliver high-quality service over the long term.

Rather than replacing existing platforms, operational teams, and processes, the SwitchCare team identifies the specific areas where Payment Switch operational maturity is needed and fills the gap with specialised skills, sustainable processes and top operational tools, effectively and efficiently helping organisations manage operational risk.

“Stanchion is proud to offer SwitchCare to our ever-growing global client base, enabling them to deliver a predictable, quality service to their customers in the highly competitive and ever-evolving payments environment,” says Stanchion CEO Steve Kirrage. “SwitchCare will provide immediate pressure relief for overburdened teams, as well as long-term savings through greater efficiency, while at the same time preserving valuable institutional knowledge.”

In keeping with this commitment to augment rather than replace, this world-class offering allows customers complete flexibility to select relevant service components that apply to their specific operational management needs, including key areas of system administration, maintenance, and monitoring.

In addition, SwitchCare offers ‘always on’ capabilities with both system-automated and operator checks, global reach through the use of cloud technology and a remote work model, plus accurate, consistent and timely reporting on operational management activities.’

The Switchcare solution has been deployed at Banzpay, a New Zealand-based fintech services provider of payments and banking solutions to financial institutions across New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

“Banzpay has been relying on Stanchion’s SwitchCare programme to maintain our payments environment since 2018.  Since then, Stanchion has been using its global team and tools to administer and maintain our systems and provide 24/7 monitoring.  As part of the programme, Stanchion provides us with expert services to design, develop and implement new business requirements.

We chose to partner with Stanchion because they are global payments experts who we rely on for our day to day and strategic payments needs. Their global footprint has meant that we are able to leverage their international expertise.” Deane Johns, Banzpay CTO.

About Stanchion Payment Solutions

Over the past two decades since its establishment in South Africa in 2001, Stanchion has expanded its offerings and solutions across the globe, with offices in Australia, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, United States and, most recently, Israel.

The growth of its global footprint is testament to the value of its offerings and specialist team, along with Stanchion’s ability to constantly innovate and adapt to the changes within the dynamic payments landscape and the needs of the industries it serves.

Stanchion’s access to global operational management expertise across the banking, retail and payment processing sectors serves as the foundation to creating this world-class service.

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