SPUR STEAK RANCHES Launches Drive Thru Convenience

For generations of South Africans, Spur has been synonymous with bringing family and friends together to enjoy that unique Spur taste and hospitality around the table, which continues to be their core focus. However, as customers lifestyles are changing Spur is innovating its model to broaden its appeal by adding drive thru convenience, offering customers a more convenient way to get their favourite Spur meals.

With a great deal of excitement, Spur has opened its first Drive Thru at 905, Heinrich Ave, Karenpark, Pretoria. While the drive thru business model brings with it novel innovation for the group, some things will never change. Spur customers will continue to enjoy the warm hospitality, generosity, and great Spur taste complete with Spur style onion rings and of course it’s famous original pink sauce. Traditional offers like succulent spare-ribs, flavoursome chicken, delicious Durky sauce wings, combos and 100% pure beef burgers are all being served with passion at the new drive thru model, the only difference is, it is conveniently prepped for faster delivery.

Customers can delight in some great new menu innovations, which adds a taste for life to the model. Snack meals such as the quirky new “tripchips”, breakfasts in-hand, and delicious “roadhouse-style” desserts on the go are all on offer. There is really something for everyone at the new Spur Drive Thru and customers can expect Spur’s ‘sit down’ quality with every order. Alongside the drive thru is a traditional Spur restaurant giving customers the choice to enjoy the sit-down or Drive Thru offer.

Instrumental in driving this project from the outset has been Franchisee partner, Charles Fourie who noted the need of his customer for easy convenience and proposed the idea of a Drive Thru to the Group. It has been a two-year journey for Charles and his team who have fundamentally altered their business to bring the new model to market. “We are very proud and humbled to be part of this amazing project. Everybody involved worked very hard to make this dream come true. The Spur Drive Thru was built on a lot of passion, determination, and hard work from every team member. We are thankful, excited and looking forward to welcoming the Pretoria Community to share this wonderful experience with you”. says Fourie.

Val Nichas, Spur Corporation CEO: “We are extremely excited to be launching the Spur brand into the Drive Thru category, we are most grateful for the tremendous efforts of our internal teams and for the trust and partnership of our franchisee partner, Charles Fourie and his broader team. Spur Steak Ranches is a on a journey of transformation as a brand and business. The introduction of the Drive Thru is one of the progressive steps we are taking towards a more sustainable brand and business.”

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