SPAR Zimbabwe Supports Children in Need Through Savings Campaign

SPAR Zimbabwe recently ran a campaign – the ‘Piggy Bank Challenge’ – aimed at educating children on the importance of saving money whilst at the same time providing financial support for children’s charity, Childline.

Running until the end of February, the campaign saw piggy banks (money boxes) on sale in SPAR stores in Zimbabwe. Parents could purchase these for their children and once the piggy banks were full, the money could be given to a child in need. In addition to this, SPAR Zimbabwe donated the purchase price of $2 to Childline, a charity that provides advice to children on a wide variety of topics by means of a 24-hour phone support service, free postal service and drop-in centres.

The campaign was announced on SPAR Zimbabwe’s social media platforms as well as via instore communications. A short video clip highlighting the ease with which children can save small amounts to create a larger sum for the future, was also created.

The campaign was so well received that due to higher than anticipated demand from shoppers, SPAR Zimbabwe had to procure a second shipment of the piggy banks.

This is just one of many charitable initiatives that SPAR undertakes at retail level. In Zimbabwe, SPAR has a busy programme of community involvement activities which was recognised last year when it won the Community Retailer of the Year Award at the Zimbabwe Confederation of Retailers’ annual awards ceremony.

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