SPAR South Africa Advises Deliveries are Commencing and Stores Re-opening Following Civil Unrest

As a result of looting and vandalism over the past few days across Gauteng, and predominantly KwaZulu Natal (KZN), a total of 184 SPAR Group Ltd stores (including 62 TOPS liquor stores and 31 Build it stores) have been severely impacted. This represents roughly 7% of the SPAR store network across Southern Africa. SPAR stores across the rest of the country have remained fully operational during this time.

SPAR South Africa has prioritised the safety of its people and the security of its assets to minimise the loss of infrastructure essential to supporting its independent retailers within the region.

Stores in the affected areas are opening when safe to do so. As of today, SPAR trucks have been dispatched for the first time this week under security escorts. SPAR plans to make deliveries over the next two days into all KZN stores that are able to open for business. This is expected to bring much needed relief to the communities we serve.

Commenting on the situation, SPAR Group Ltd CEO, Brett Botten said:

 “This is a sad time for our country. The lives of so many people have been severely impacted. We are engaging with various stakeholders to help manage this crisis and we are doing everything we can to alleviate the growing concerns around food shortages. We will support our retailers in rebuilding the businesses they have lost and also, the communities they serve. We are working closely with our suppliers and are focused on getting stock to shelves. We are also making contingency plans in the areas most impacted. We thank the SPAR retailers and customers for their understanding, co-operation and patience during this stressful time for all concerned”.

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