SPAR Annual Report: Collaborative Approach to Procurement

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on resources has driven increased inflation, impacting commodity pricing and operational costs across the globe. With this backdrop, SPAR’s collaborative approach to procurement and our Preferred Supplier agreements play an exceedingly impactful role in driving down operating costs and the total cost of ownership.

The international coordination and scale up of procurement, purchasing, and engagement activities has a direct, positive impact on the performance of SPAR worldwide.

At a time of significant pressure on costs and material availability, SPAR’s international focus on non-resalable equipment drives real cost reductions through the bundling of volumes and the coordination of purchasing. This approach to procurement centres on collective buying initiatives, leveraging the brand’s scale to deliver savings on the net pricing of equipment. This is achieved through collective buying initiatives or rebate-based agreements with a growing portfolio of SPAR International Preferred Suppliers.

Read more about SPAR’s collaborative approach to procurement in our 2021 Annual Report.

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