Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability with Starbucks during Earth Month

Starbucks brings the sustainability theme right home with the simultaneous launch of our partnership with the inspirational Reel Gardening initiative.

Reel Gardening produces a biodegradable seed tape planted straight into the ground to improve the chances of a vegetable seedling. With a similar ethos to Starbucks, Reel Gardening uses its products and expertise to make a positive social impact. Their biodegradable seed tapes help people share in the wonder of growing food whilst also reaping the benefits of their healthy harvests.

Starbucks will be supporting the work of Reel Gardening in two ways during Earth Month and in the future as part of their long-term commitment to uplifting the communities they serve:

They will offer customers a surprise Starbucks Seed Kit with every beverage purchase from 23 April while stocks last. The kit will consist of one vegetable seed tape that guests can take home to plant or donate to our pilot community programme. To ensure these plants have a higher chance of flourishing successfully into the world, the envelope in which it’s delivered in is 100% biodegradable and releases nutrients into soil once it begins to breakdown.

Starbucks will choose a school in Johannesburg to pilot a community vegetable garden programme by providing free Starbucks Vegetable Seed Kits and a supply of used coffee grounds (a nitrogen-rich fertiliser that simultaneously enriches gardens and reduces waste.)

Reel Gardening gives ongoing support and guidance to these schools on the growing process to ensure that the learners are educated on how to become food secure from this garden. To make sure the human story hits home, overtime they will record how local school kids grow this idea into a long-term sustainable addition to the benefit of their local community.

Did you know?
Starbucks coffee is 99% ethically sourced and accredited by Conservation International under the C.A.F.E. Practices programme. Starbucks is committed to ethically sourcing coffee worldwide and including exceptional coffee from nine countries in Africa – Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Burundi, Zambia, Cameroon, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
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