Smollan’s Story Shifts | Fresh. Vibrant. Authentic

Connecting to what really matters, is one of the rationales behind Smollan’s decision to rebrand. By breathing new life, reigniting passion, and representing the diversity of people, nations, cultures, and services the business represents, this new brand connection tells a story of real people and opportunities connected to countless possibilities.

It has been said that the best way to predict the future is to create it, and for a brand like Smollan with an established heritage that grew from a family name into a brand name, there is a deep understanding of change and the sharpened focus and differentiation a correctly timed rebrand can offer.

Smollan leads in intelligent commerce solutions through technology and innovation, enabling their extensive partnered network to sustain a lasting legacy. The rebrand therefore provides a refreshed format to increase impact and value-add and renews the connection with a diverse marketplace where there is space for all and the possibilities endless.

The all-encompassing message is one of a forward-thinking, dynamic, and inspired squad who champion diversity and choice, work in sustainable ways, and improve lives by bringing opportunities to light. Governed by these principles, Smollan chose to reposition their uplifted values and create new imaginings, allowing for space to play. Putting a stake in the ground for what they believe in and creating a team event in the true sense of the word, where everyone’s onboard to kick for goal.

“With the rebrand, and considering the dramatic changes in the world, we understood that we needed to review exactly what we stand for and re-position our brand accordingly. It made sense as the world shifted, to create a fresh look and feel that portrays exactly how we feel now more than ever.”

“Beautiful imagery, colours and renewed positioning statements are critical with a brand change, however it also about – and this is so important otherwise what is the point – a commitment to view all we do through a purposeful lens. The brand must bring the people and their purpose to light together with that of the company. There cannot be a brand without a path to purpose. No longer is there first and second place for profit and purpose – going forward the two cannot survive without each other. Through our sheer scale, our business has an enormous opportunity, and I would say obligation to transform thousands of lives as well as their communities and that has to be reflected in our brand. Our brand must feel like the company it represents, vibrant, colourful, passionate, diverse and inclusive. It must feel like the values we live and hold dear, and it must look and feel like a place people want to work, customers want to partner with and suppliers want to provide to” said Mike Smollan, Chief Growth & Innovation Officer, Smollan.

There is beauty in having the ability to reinvent and a rebrand is reason to celebrate as the sum that connects the parts, by standing up for that which is authentic, transparent and where accountability captains the ship. One’s brand is undoubtedly the most valuable intellectual property, from representing organisational identity to enhancing culture and extending the value proposition.

Growth and upliftment therefore, around learning and development for their people in a progressive, inspired, and vibrant environment is top of mind. The what, the how and the why they do what they do as a business, needs to partner intentionally with the needs, interests, and lifestyles of their people around the world.

The extraordinary effort, commitment, and contribution particularly at this time, of their employees, suppliers, and partners to remain pioneering, responsible, and sustainable, find the rebrand at the perfect junction to explore new ways of doing things and playing in new spaces. Where imagery tells a story and where brand attributes intersect with human moments in a simple, uncluttered, informal, and colourful way.

This rebrand is the glue that binds, with a connection to the future as the brand turns another iconic page to shape the world, we live in.

“Branding demands commitment; commitment to continual re-invention; striking chords with people to stir their emotions; and commitment to imagination. It is easy to be cynical about such things, much harder to be successful.” Sir Richard Branson

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