Smollan Benefits From Long-Term Partnership with FleetDomain

Since 2020, Smollan, a global sales and marketing services company, has been using FleetDomain, an Argility Technology Group company, to manage its fleet of around 2 000 vehicles in South Africa. By integrating its software with Smollan’s accounting systems and banking partners, FleetDomain has enabled Smollan to contain costs and manage its fleet much more effectively, says Milana Pretorius, Finance Executive Operations, Smollan.

“With FleetDomain’s help, we have been able to automate many manual and time-consuming processes. Information is available quickly and continuously, in turn enabling our managers to make evidence-based decisions to reduce costs and achieve enhancement fleet management.” she says. “Gone are the days when the fleet information was only updated monthly.”

Jai Kalyan, MD, FleetDomain, says that the integration presented significant challenges because Smollan’s cost centres were so complex. “We tailored our FleetDomain fleet management solution extensively in order to meet Smollan’s requirements —now the Group benefits from end-to-end business processes,” he says. “We’re constantly working with the Smollan team to improve the software to deliver further value.”

FleetDomain is Web-based, providing Fleet team managers with visibility over their entire operations, enabling them to identify bottlenecks and other potential improvements. Because the process is automated, it is not only more rapid and frequent, but also more accurate—manual inputting typically introduces error.

Another major benefit of FleetDomain is the graphical display of information and customised dashboards, ensuring that data is presented in the most user-friendly way to managers.

Near-real-time and easy-to-read information also makes it easier to detect fraud early on.

The information generated by the FleetDomain software is also used to monitor individual vehicles to maximise their useful life and enhance reliability. A comprehensive vehicle replacement programme is now in place.

In the 18 months since the implementation was completed, Smollan has been able to reduce its fleet costs, and now has automated updates ensuring current information is available.

“The high performance of our fleet is paramount as we service our large range of retail clients,” says Ms. Pretorius.  “FleetDomain has become an essential partner, enabling us to access high-quality business intelligence in near real time, thus enabling consistent improvement in costs and efficiencies.”

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