SA Consumers Look for Savings – Game Freezes Prices on Household Items

As South African consumer budgets face increased pressure from all angles, it is no surprise that Game’s latest consumer survey found that 65% of respondents were feeling the pinch in their pockets compared to this time last year. With 83% of respondents confirming that they shop round for the best possible deals – groceries and essential items top the list as the most important area for saving, followed by baby essentials.

Realising the pressure the South African consumer is under, Game has responded by issuing a ‘Price Lock’ on some of its products for a three month period between May and July – guaranteeing a fixed, unbeatable price on these items for its shoppers. These products include household essentials like pasta, cereal and eggs; as well as baby essentials like diapers. The deals will be in-store with certain products available online. See selection, here:

“As a responsible retailer, we realise the increasing importance of offering the best possible deals for our shoppers, with 83% of respondents regularly tracking deals in the market,” says Katherine Madley, Vice President of Marketing for Game. “80% of our consumers noted that besides their monthly debit orders, they spend the majority of their salaries on groceries and essential items for their households – far surpassing things like school fees, transport and entertainment. We have taken action based on these insights.”

When asked how their spending habits had changed compared to last year, 29% said they only shopped for essential items – but bargain hunting remains king, with 65% saying they have prioritised this in their daily lives.

“As the cost of living continues to rise, providing stable pricing on these essential items is going to provide some peace of mind to our shoppers,” concludes Madley.

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