RFG Cream of the Crop at 2022 SA Dairy Championships

RFG walked away with 16 awards in eleven categories at this year’s annual SA Dairy Championships, and clinched the coveted SA Champs title for six of its products.

The event is the largest dairy competition of its kind in the world, having attracted more than 68 manufacturers who showcased 920 products in over 100 classes at this year’s Championships.

Products produced by RFG that won the highly revered Qualité Mark of Excellence include the Ayrshire Mozzarella (which came first place in the category “Pizza Mozzarella” and is produced exclusively for leading retailer Woolworths) and RFG Pizza Mozzarella (which won third place in the same category), both judged on functionality and flavour.

Another feather in RFG’s cap is that several dairy products in its Ayrshire range, produced exclusively for Woolworths, also took top honours.

These include first-place winners Ayrshire Smooth Ricotta (category: Ricotta – Milk and/or Whey Based), Ayrshire Pouring Cream (category: Pouring Cream), Ayrshire Low Fat Milk (category: Pasteurised Milk – Low Fat) and the Ayrshire Full Cream Lactose Free Yoghurt – Peach (category: Full Cream Yoghurt – With Any Condiments).

The Ayrshire range from RFG’s Ayrshire Stud Farm boasts a herd of award-winning cattle and is the heart of RFG milk, cream, and cheese. The Ayrshire cattle breed is known for dairy with a delicious flavour and creamy mouthfeel. Woolworths and RFG’s partnership dates back to the 1990s.

Another SA Champ Award was given to the Mascarpone Duetto with Fig & Pecan Nut (category: Mascarpone – with Condiments), also produced for Woolworths.

Products produced by RFG that came in second include its Mascarpone Duetto with Apple & Cinnamon, Mascarpone – Food Service, Ayrshire Traditional Ricotta (produced for Woolworths) and its Cultured Buttermilk – Food Service.

Coming in third place were several Ayrshire products produced for Woolworths, including Double Thick Cream, Low Fat Lactose Free Milk and Full Cream Lactose Free Strawberry Smooth Yoghurt. Both its Full Cream Lactose Free Milk and Full Cream Milk won tied third place in the category Pasteurised Milk – Full Cream.

RFG is proud to once again be recognised as one of South Africa’s most loved dairy producers, and look forward to continuing building on this reputation to share our best quality cheeses, milks, yoghurts and other products with our customers.

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