Polyoak Packaging and Clover Partnership Delivers SA’s Most Recycled Beverage Packaging

Polyoak Packaging is a leading plastic packaging specialist in the design and manufacture of recyclable bottles and closures, tubs, drums and buckets for food, beverage and industrial applications.

Our extensive distribution network with over 30 manufacturing plants across South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Swaziland underpins our excellent customer service.

As a proudly South African company, Polyoak has combined advanced technology with small teams of experts working closely together in partnership with Clover for nearly 40 years to deliver high quality, environmentally sustainable packaging solutions for many of Clover’s most loved brands.

As committed members of the South African Plastics Pact, Polyoak and Clover are guided by circular economy principles to create a world where plastic packaging never becomes waste!

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Bottles

Clover’s HDPE bottles, containing fresh and flavoured milk, juice and drinking yoghurt, are in fact South Africa’s most recycled beverage packaging!

75% of these bottles are recycled across the country.

These HDPE bottles are in high demand by recyclers to be reprocessed locally into new bottles for shampoo, conditioner and household detergents, irrigation pipes, bins, crates, bags, benches and other useful items.

HDPE is the perfect circular economy material because it is widely recycled again and again into so many different things, whilst creating valuable economic opportunities for reclaimers, recyclers and local manufacturers. The recycling of 1 and 2L HDPE milk bottles alone sustains about 650 jobs in South Africa.

It’s because of their high value within the circular economy, that these HDPE bottles are less likely to become litter. They are just too valuable to waste.

Help us achieve a recycling rate of 100% by placing your used HDPE bottles in the recycling next time you enjoy Clover’s fresh milk, Amasi Othando, Clover Quali Nectar, Super M, Clover Sip Up, Active Drink or Tropika.


  • Lightweight – Clover’s 2L milk bottle is the lightest on the market.
  • BPA free
  • Fat Resistant – Ideal for dairy products
  • Impact Resistant – Does not break easily if dropped
  • Chemical Resistant – Ideal for shampoos and detergents


  • 100% Recyclable
  • Easily Recycled with label and closure on
  • Widely recycled all over SA
  • Renewable Plant Based HDPE options available
  • Climate Efficient – Requires less energy to manufacture, Low Carbon Emissions
  • SA’s most recycled beverage packaging!

Polypropylene (PP) Tubs

Clover’s yoghurt, spreads and feta tubs are made from PP because of its good barrier properties and smooth surface finish. It’s high crack resistance under freezing temperatures makes PP ideal for ice-cream containers and its strength and rigidity make it ideal for yoghurt tubs, which are often re-used for other purposes once empty.

Best of all, these PP tubs are 100% recyclable and in high demand by recyclers to be reprocessed locally into outdoor furniture, domestic wares such as scoops and step ladders, crates, automotive and engineering components.

Subsequently, and because of the high reuse rate of these tubs, they are less likely to become litter. In fact, global studies show that although rigid mono-material plastic comprises 41% of global plastic production, it only comprises 20% of leakage into the ocean. The remaining 80% is attributable to flexibles and multi-layer materials. (Source: Breaking the Plastic Wave Report 2020)

Polyoak Packaging is passionate about the environment and committed to taking a leading role as a responsible producer. We invest in recycling projects and infrastructure, research and technical development to maximise the circular economy value of our packaging.

Our partnership with Clover is key to minimising the environmental impact of our operations whilst continuing to delight the consumer with outstanding packaging solutions!

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