Online Agricultural Trade is the Future: HelloChoice 4.0

As food security concerns, climate change and global economic uncertainty increase the strain on South Africa’s R346bn agricultural sector, Agri-Fintech start-up HelloChoice brings essential innovation and efficiency to the farming and food supply value chain.

This month HelloChoice celebrates its fourth birthday as a proudly South African success story, emerging as a leading full-service Agri-Fintech platform and having traded over R190 Million worth of fresh produce, dry beans and other unstructured crops. The HelloChoice marketplace and supporting information and data services like TradeAlerts reduces waste, makes trading easy and saves money for farmers, food processing companies, wholesalers/retailers to ultimately benefit all South Africans.

Building on this success, HelloChoice secured a major strategic 25% investment in 2021 from Standard Bank, to expand its marketplace technology and enhance the range of information and data services available to users. Users now have more ways to trade and access to powerful supply and demand tools and pricing services, to help increase margins and overall profitability and sustainability.

Significant resources continue to be invested in the HelloChoice mobile app to bring users greater value and convenience like TradeAlerts, Make an Offer and Green Numbers Precision Pricing.

Powerful data-driven services from HelloChoice helps farmers transform their farms into agile and profitable digital businesses. At the same time sellers can take up the digital marketing services such as a branded marketplace and FarmerPages to instantly reach thousands of wholesale buyers.

Golden Grow, a commercial mixed farmer, used HelloChoice’s Green Numbers Precision Pricing service to improve their supply and pricing decisions in their last potato season. Justin Le Roux, the Golden Grow Farm Manager said, “This is an invaluable service in that we knew where to trade our potatoes and at what price”.

HelloChoice continues to promote economic prosperity and market efficiency through transparency, efficiency, and inclusion by bringing supply chain efficiencies to commercial and emerging farmers.

More than 360 smallholder and emerging farmers have traded on HelloChoice benefiting directly from easy market access to a large buyer base and quick payment cycle. HelloChoice Co-Founder and CEO Grant Jacobs explains further, “Providing online market access is a powerful tool for all farmers.” Dawn Farms is just one example of the emerging farm success stories from HelloChoice. Judith Biti is the founder of Dawn Farms, and has been farming for just over a year and now owns two small farms.

She mostly grow butternut, green pepper, kale, spinach and green beans. Judith Biti explains that because of HelloChoice, “Dawn Farms are now able to expand into a sustainable business, whilst continuing to feed the neighbouring homes and the community.”

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