New Technology Improves Massmart’s Stock Availability

Massmart has implemented a significant technology enablement and logistics network reconfiguration project over the past 4 years that has contributed to increased stock availability across its Game, Makro and Builders stores.

This has proven to be a timely intervention at a time when supply chains locally and globally have faced a number of headwinds, including shortages of shipping containers and essential raw materials, longer lead times for imported products and congested ports. To navigate challenges such as these, Massmart has developed a tailored software solution in partnership with software developer, Trackmatic, that has delivered greater supply chain transparency between Massmart and its suppliers.

“Essentially, Trackmatic is a portal which allows Massmart employees across the value chain and their suppliers to digitally track orders and provide reasons for short supply at an item, category or geographical level,” says Martin Halle, a Walmart Supply Chain veteran responsible for leading the project. “The interface is simple and easy to navigate which reduces the administrative burden for Massmart and our suppliers. Most notable is that it has improved supplier service level predictability which has significantly improved resource planning at our Distribution Centres.”

Phase 2 of the Trackmatic solution which will enable proactive management of constrained supply ahead of planned or known high demand events, for example, during heatwaves when inflatable pools and fans are a popular purchase among consumers, will be rolled out from January 2023.

This technology, together with the re-configuration of the group’s logistics infrastructure – that is anchored by three brand new, custom built mega distribution centres in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg – is a core enabling capability underpinning Massmart’s strategy for future growth.

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