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The global outbreak of the COVID-19 has undoubtedly changed the entire food industry. In order to help the food industry embrace changes and turn crisis into an opportunity,21Food and Topservice Expo jointly organized the 21FOOD ONLINE EXPO( July 25 to August 5 ). A virtual forum will be held where experts from home and abroad discuss the trends and opportunities for food industry in the post-epidemic era.


Our online expo includes 2 themed pavilions, 3 regional pavilions, nearly 400 global exhibitors, over 1,000 categories of products, and an estimated 12,000 domestic and foreign professional buyers. Through the digital platform, online accurate negotiation and accurate matching could be conducted.

Time: 25th Jul. to 5th Aug.















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Webinar & Vlog

Topic 1 : Plant Power

In this topic we will focus on technological development and commercial innovation in the field of plant-based foods. Global market trends in plant-based foods, technology and applications of plant-based protein substitutes, solutions of flavor and texture improvement of plant-based food, innovative practices in plant eggs, milk and fermented plant-based foods will be discussed. The aim of the series webinars is to promote the exchanges of plant-based food among related professional partners and to accelerate plant-based food innovation.

Topic 2: Trends and Opportunities

At this topic, we invited speaker from Analytical Flavor Systems(AFS) to share knowledge on trends and opportunities in food industry.

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