Massmart’s Consumer Study Reveals Key Easter Retail Trends

As the Easter break approaches, Massmart unveils exclusive insights into consumer spending habits for the upcoming holiday season. The study, conducted by Vice President of Brand Marketing Katherine Madley, sheds light on how consumers are prioritizing their retail spend, particularly at Makro and Game stores.

Groceries and Fresh Products Remain Top Priorities

According to the research, a significant 75% of Makro customers plan to spend Easter on essentials such as groceries and fresh food. This trend underscores the importance of maintaining a functional household during these tough financial times. Meanwhile, at Game stores, 69% of customers are aware of and plan to use the retailer’s Price Beat promise to secure the best possible deals. This indicates a strong consumer focus on value and savings, especially during peak periods.

Consumer Spending Trends

The study, which surveyed over 150,000 respondents, reveals consistent year-on-year trends in consumer spend priorities. Key factors influencing purchase decisions include the use of promotional leaflets and rewards programs, as consumers seek to capitalize on discounts and additional benefits.

Makro 2023 Easter breakdown:

  • With the cost-of-living skyrocketing in recent years, it is seen that the Makro customer is spending their Easter buying essential items such as, groceries and fresh foods which includes potatoes, soft drinks, toilet paper, bananas, and avocados. This insight really underscores how South Africans are prioritizing on maintaining a functional household this Easter by prioritising on essential items.
  • Globally, chocolate prices are going up, so some families in the US are ditching the traditional Easter and finding a replacement for chocolate. However, locally, consumers are sticking to the traditional Easter chocolate egg as seen on Makro’s customer basket over the Easter period in 2023 with seasonal chocolates such as Easter eggs, Lindt, and Cadbury taking the number 1 spot on the list.
  • And lastly, South Africans are not beating the allegations when it comes to the world’s top alcoholic consumers as Gin and Ciders were also found on the top 10 list of items purchased by the Makro customer during Easter 2023.

Game 2023 Easter breakdown:

  • The significant sales of essential items at Game such as baked beans, bread, and breakfast cereals during the Easter period of 2023 highlighted a consumer trend towards prioritising necessities, possibly influenced by the high cost of living. This suggests customers are more inclined to invest in essential food items to meet their basic needs, even during holiday periods.
  • Convenience and snacking such as noodles and snack items, were also amongst the popular items during the Easter period 2023, suggesting easy-to-prepare foods and treats for Easter gatherings.

Addressing Consumer Needs

Katherine Madley, Vice President of Brand Marketing at Massmart, explains, “Our survey aimed to understand consumers’ priorities after a year of inflationary increases and food price hikes. Even during special breaks like Easter, consumers are prioritizing essential items to ensure their households remain functional.” Madley also adds, “Some of the forecasted priorities include non-perishable groceries, fresh food & personal care products. This study is testament to why we have the Price Beat offering for Game and have remained the retailer with the cheapest basket in the market for Makro.”

Looking Ahead

As South Africans prepare to celebrate Easter and spend quality time with loved ones, Massmart’s consumer study provides valuable insights into consumer behavior and spending patterns. By leveraging these insights, Massmart continues to position Makro & Game as leading retailers catering to the evolving needs of its customers.

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