Makro Launches New Online Offering to Serve Businesses Across South Africa

In its latest move to become the leading eCommerce player in South Africa, Massmart has launched a bespoke business (B2B) website to meet the needs of business customers, who are facing similar economic challenges to end consumers. This ‘Makro Business’ branded website will offer businesses of all sizes, an online platform tailored to meet their specific product needs at highly competitive prices.

Drawing on its extensive food, liquor, stationery, office furniture and catering offering Makro is perfectly positioned to provide unmatched one stop value to business customers, who mostly deal with a multitude of specialist suppliers, focused on specific product categories. Commenting on Makro’s positioning, Justin Hawkins, Vice President for B2B eCommerce at Massmart said “Makro has 52-years of know-how serving a wide variety of business customers from corporates, schools, hotels and restaurants to garage shops, franchise stores and independently owned retailers. The new Makro Business website optimises this expertise to provide our business customers with a quick, easy and affordable one stop procurement experience.”

The website features a quick & convenient sign-up process that enables real-time background checks and business verification, immediate access to preferential pricing on products related to their business, and payment via a 0% interest Makro trade account. This is supported through a reliable pickup or delivery service that promises efficient order fulfilment.

Hawkins concludes, “The launch of the Makro Business website represents the first steps of an individually tailored experience that businesses can expect when they shop with us in the future. There is much more to come.”

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