Infobip and Spryker Partner to Help Businesses Deliver More Personal Shopping Experiences

Global cloud communications platform Infobip has partnered with Spryker, a leading composable commerce platform for sophisticated use cases in B2B Commerce, Enterprise Marketplaces, and Thing Commerce. The collaboration aims to help businesses deliver more personalized shopping experiences, optimize customer engagement, and drive revenue growth.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, consumers crave conversational experiences with their favourite business or brand on their go-to communications channel. Businesses and retailers especially need to be able to provide their customers with a personal experience on the channels (communication media of their preference) they use every day. While partnering with Infobip, Spryker will be able to provide Infobip’s CPaaS and Conversational Experience solutions to their customers across manufacturing, hardware distribution, and automotive industries faster and in a more personalized experience via their digital marketplace. These top organizations can now access the marketplace via conversational touchpoints, such as push notifications and chatbots.

Coinciding with their partnership, Spryker and Infobip have revealed six trends for retailers to boost revenues using Composable Commerce, Conversational Experiences and Artificial Intelligence (AI):

1. The Conversational era has arrived: Everything is becoming conversational. Customers expect conversations with retailers across the entire journey on one device and channel. As a result, retailers need to offer large-scale escalation of two-way conversations throughout the customer journey, with app-like experiences in chat apps.
2. Personalization with Composable Commerce: Retailers can use permissible customer data like browsing history and preferences to offer personalized recommendations and promotions, enhancing the shopper’s experience. This leads to higher conversion rates and ROI alongside improved customer loyalty.
3. Intelligent strategies for efficiency: AI and analytics are paving the way for hyper-personalized customer experiences throughout the entire journey of customers for retailers. These technologies offer anything from handling basic queries and predicting customer behaviours to enabling real-time responses. By integrating AI and analytics throughout the customer journey, retailers can further enhance loyalty and brand recognition.
4. Omnichannel Integration: Composable Commerce combined with conversational experience solutions allow retailers to seamlessly merge online and offline channels, offering a consistent shopping experience across e-commerce sites, mobile apps, social media, chat apps and physical stores. Features like buy online, pick up in-store, endless aisle, and real-time inventory visibility especially when exposed in common chat apps can attract customers, drive sales, and increase profitability.
5. Agile and Scalable Technology: Composable Commerce offers retailers an adaptable and scalable tech infrastructure. Businesses can quickly adapt to market shifts and customer needs by integrating top-tier software through APIs. This flexibility lets retailers innovate, efficiently scale, and improve revenue. Cloud-based solutions have superior performance and cost-effectiveness.
6. Hyper-Automation through AI-powered chatbots: The adoption and scaling of automated chatbots is revolutionizing the customer experience for retailers. Improvements in text, voice, and video chatbots, like integrations with ChatGPT, provide retailers with automation, speed, and availability. Retailers are increasingly adopting intelligent virtual assistants to streamline customer service, enable up-and-cross-selling, marketing and sales automation leading to enhanced ROI.

Manishi Singh, SVP of App Composition Platform at Spryker, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Infobip, a leading omnichannel communication solutions provider. This collaboration amplifies our commitment to empowering digital businesses to reach their goals more efficiently through composable commerce. By leveraging Infobip’s capabilities, we will enable businesses to deliver more personalized shopping experiences, optimize customer engagement, and drive new and increased revenue growth. Together, with Spryker’s composable platform designed specifically for sophisticated transactions, our customers will be able to adapt, grow and differentiate in a challenging and ever-changing market.”

Ivan Ostojic, Chief Business Officer at Infobip, said: “With the growing trend for consumers wanting to interact with a business or brand through conversational chat channels, it is becoming even more important for firms to offer such experiences. Our partnership with Spryker enables businesses to access our innovative conversational solutions such as our AI-powered conversational Experiences platform that helps turbocharge digital transformation and deliver more personal experiences. This collaboration further demonstrates why we are the market-leading communications platform for every platform.”

Manishi Singh concluded: “By embracing personalization, omnichannel integration, and an agile technology infrastructure through composable commerce, businesses can enhance their revenue results for upcoming shopping seasons. These practices empower businesses to provide exceptional customer experiences, optimize their sales channels, and quickly adapt to market dynamics, ultimately driving growth and profitability.”

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