Game Highlights Common Pitfalls of Installing your own Appliances

When buying electronics and appliances, many consumers opt for self-installation with the perception that this will save them time and money. However, doing this runs many risks – including voiding the warranty on the item in question, says African retailer, Game.

Most electronics and appliance manufacturers stipulate in their policies that the product warranty will only remain valid if installations and repairs are carried out by certified professionals.

To ensure their customers avoid the many pitfalls of self-installation, Game, has launched accredited installation services across its 118 stores – conveniently connecting Game customers to fully accredited and insured installers at a fraction of the usual price. “With one in every three large appliances and one in every three TVs purchased in South Africa being sold at Game, this is an important offering for our customers,” explains Katherine Madley, Vice President of Marketing for Game.

According to, the average rate for appliance repair by a senior level professional is around R600 an hour in South Africa, subject to change depending on the size, type, and brand of the product in question.  Game’s pricing, which includes both delivery and installation of the product in question, begins at R430 for large appliances, R690 for electronics, R2160 for aircon units, and R1600 for cupboard installations with 1x9KG gas bottle*. Many products can become unserviceable if they are not installed according to the user manual or manufacturer guidelines.

To mitigate the risk of a DIY disaster, Game’s comprehensively insured team of installers are fully qualified and accredited, ensuring professional workmanship and guaranteeing that product warranties are upheld in any event. Additionally, Game customers will only have to pay for the service when they are satisfied that the installation – removing the risk of multiple call outs and fees.  It is important to note that the dangers of self-installation expand beyond the appliances themselves and can spread into other areas in the home. The most common pitfalls of self-installation are:

Surrounding Damage: When moving and installing electronics and large appliances, consumers run the risk of damaging surrounding surfaces like floors, walls and cupboards. . Consumers can even  damage the actual product in the process by dropping or denting it. Nobody wants a dent in that shiny new washing machine they just bought!

Electrical and Plumbing RisksOften washing machines, dishwashers and fridges with ice dispensers require water connections and if not hooked up properly, the machine of your dreams to keep the house neat and tidy can cause an even bigger mess. Plus, the potential headache of water damage to other parts of your home.

Installation of appliances can require basic understanding of electrical and plumbing connections – for dishwashers, washing machines, fridges, and lighting, for example. Any faulty connections could cause major damage to the item in question, or cause long-term damages to your home’s electrical system.

Fire HazardIf an appliance has a faulty electrical connection or gas leak, this can create a serious health risk and safety hazard to your home. Installation of products requiring connections to electricity and gas should always be carried out by a professional – not only for your safety, but also peace of mind.

As Madley explains, the benefit of having an appliance installed professionally outweighs the cost of it breaking down and causing further damage to other home appliances and infrastructure. “You cannot put a price on peace of mind and convenience in this case – which is why we have extended our after-sales service to include a partnership with 4Sure and negotiated the best possible rates for our customers,” she says.

Game will provide a white glove service on all major appliances, and are able to install:

  • Basic oven / hob extractor
  • Cupboard installation of 9kg gas bottle
  • Flat panel TV
  • Home theatre set up
  • Inverter and non-inverter split aircon
  • OVHD decoders
  • Upgrade DSTV
  • Router and PC call out
  • Water connection

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