Game Brings Retail Re-imagined to Rustenburg 

African retail giant Game continues to make positive strides in the roll out of its overall turnaround strategy – Retail Reimagined – with the introduction of its fourth Game Re-imagined store in Rustenburg which was unveiled on the 29th of April 2021.

Game shared the love with the community of Rustenburg on the 29th of April by having in store activations, competition giveaways, and unlimited deals on a range of products on this momentous occasion. It gave customers a chance to experience the retail giant in a new way like they’ve never seen before that will elevate their shopping experience.

“Game Reimagined goes beyond what our customers will see when they walk into our store. We’ve ‘reimagined’ the way we operate our stores, the store layout and merchandise adjacencies, our category propositions, and the way we enable our people in stores,” says Andrew Stein, Vice President of Game.

The new store which opened for trade in the new Rustenburg Mall, has a brand-new modern look-and-feel, a convenient store layout with various and wide-ranging categories including clothing, party solutions, wellness and security, and innovations such as WiFi in store to make shopping a breeze.

“The concept of ‘Retail Reimagined’ is about transforming and improving the customer experience as a whole. We prioritise creating a better life for our customers, as well as saving them time and money, so we spent time investigating specific customer pain points and looking for ways in which to alleviate these,” says Stein adding that not only has Game improved the shopping experience for its customers but there are also amazing in-store experiences available for them to come and enjoy.

Customers are encouraged to come in enjoy some of these features in store:

  • Different surfaces for parents to test prams out on so that their little ones have the smoothest ride.
  • A bike track for kids to test bikes and a children’s play area with a book shelf and interactive black boards with chalk.
  • An interactive zone for customers to try out electronics (such as TVs, laptops and gaming consoles) and charging stations.
  • A wellness area that focuses on the seven goals of fitness (fitness, strength, slimming and toning, healthy mind, healthy body, seasonal sport, lifestyle accessories).
  • Living room inspiration with extended flatpack and white-glove services.

What’s more, Game guarantees its customers the lowest price on each and every item. If a customer finds an item that Game stocks cheaper anywhere else, they simply need to bring the leaflet in-store and Game will beat that price by 10% on the difference.

And, if a customer has purchased an item from Game in the last 21 days but finds it cheaper elsewhere, the same process applies. Bring in the leaflet and your proof of purchase and Game will refund its customers 10% on the difference.

The store will start trading at 7am on the 29th of April, and thereafter normal trading hours apply.

*Trading hours may vary per region. Please visit to check trading hours for your nearest store.

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