Game | 2 Simple Hacks to Spend Smart This Black November

Many South Africans may not be planning to shop Black November deals this year due to budgetary constraints, but savvy shoppers can use two simple hacks to get the best possible deals on any item they have their eye on this year.

“Our 2021 consumer research clearly shows that bargain hunting has become increasingly important to the South African consumer this year, as their budgets are stretched tighter than ever. Due to the shopping extravaganza that is Black Friday, which has now become Black November, retailers need to stay ahead of curve by reimagining the way they offer deals to consumers,” says Katherine Madley, Vice President of Marketing, at Game. Game will once again be running a month-long Black November promotion, made up of 4 sets of weekly deals that will run between 1 and 30 November.

Be Salary Savvy

Instead of waiting for the 26th of November and solely using your November salary to pay for Black November purchases – shop smart with both your October and November salaries by taking advantage of the deals offered throughout the month of November.

Track the Price

Game’s 2021 consumer research shows that 75% of consumers continue to track the price of items they have already purchased. This savvy spending habit will serve you well during November, as Game is offering its Price Beat Promise on Black November deals for the first time ever. This saving policy allows you to beat the price on any item by 10% on the difference, both before and for 21 days after your purchase.

“Offering 4 sets of weekly deals also allows our customers to shop safely and conveniently with us throughout the month of November, rather than rushing to store on one day of the year where they have to wait in queues and be exposed to large crowds,” says Madley.

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