Fair Cape Dairies Heeds Call to Feed South Africa’s Hungry

The Fair Cape Cares Foundation has partnered with Cape Talk to help provide nourishing meals for the communities left vulnerable by the Covid-19 lockdown. The foundation, a charitable trust underwritten by Fair Cape Dairies, has committed to donating R400 000 worth of dairy products to feeding schemes in the Cape Town area during July and August, in conjunction with Pippa Hudson’s show on Cape Talk.

The partnership sees listeners calling the show during the Alphabet Soup segment, four times a week, answering three questions and the winner nominating a feeding scheme to which to donate the day’s R10,000 hamper. This community involvement has resulted in donations being made to a widely varied spread of charities.

Joel Serman, trustee of the Fair Cape Cares Foundation says, that the Covid-19 induced lockdown has brought into sharp focus just how insecure the food value chain in South Africa is. ‘One in four children in South Africa were malnourished, even before the crisis. An appalling statistic at the best of times, which Covid-19 only threatens to make even worse. We’re honoured to be in a position to be able to provide dairy products to help the less fortunate members of our communities obtain the nutrition they need.’

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